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Mother’s Day Crafts for Toddlers: Fun & Easy Ideas

Looking for a fun activity to do with your toddler this Mother’s Day? Why not try one of these easy crafts! These projects are perfect for little ones and will keep them entertained while also showing Mom how much you love her.

We have a variety of ideas that range from simple art projects to more elaborate DIYs. So no matter what your toddler is into, we have something for you!

Showing Love On Mother's Day

Mother’s day is a day to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives who have given us so much. It’s a time to show our appreciation for all that they do for us. And what better way to do that than with a handmade gift from their toddlers? 

These fun mother’s day crafts are sure to put a smile on Mom’s face, and she’ll cherish them for years to come. After all, toddlers are only little once! Therefore, make sure to have toddlers participate in creating adorable mother’s day crafts that will surely serve as the perfect mother’s day gift and make mom smile. 

From a messy little monster, toddlers can get involved in day crafts for kids to make mother’s day gifts that will serve as a great gift for mom.

However, it’s important to make sure that easy mother’s day crafts and other day crafts for kids must be done with adult supervision. Creating adorable mother’s day crafts can go wrong if a messy little monster accidentally messes things up or gets into accidents. Therefore, choose crafts for kids that are easy and safe so that they can make mother’s day gifts safely. After all, fun ideas mixed with an easy mother’s day craft will make for a crafty morning!

Examples Of Mother's Day Crafts For Toddlers

Mother's day crafts for toddlers_sample

Below are examples of mother’s day crafts for toddlers:

A Simple Card With A Handprint Or Footprint Design

A simple card with a handprint or footprint design is an adorable and personal way to show Mom how much you love her. All you need is some construction paper, scissors, and paint or markers. Let your toddlers get creative with the design, and don’t forget to write a heartfelt message inside! Make sure to assist your kids when cutting out the handprint or footprint, as this can be difficult for little ones.

A Homemade Mother’s Day Coupon Book

homemade mother's day coupon book

A homemade mother’s day coupon book is a thoughtful and practical gift that any mother would appreciate. Simply print out some coupons for things like breakfast in bed, a day of pampering, or even just some extra help around the house. Let your toddler decorate each coupon with crayons or stickers. Mom is sure to love this sweet gift.

A Mother’s Day Card

What better way to show Mom how much you care than with a homemade card? Gather up some construction paper, glitter, glue, and anything else you like. Sit down with your toddler and let them go to town, creating a one-of-a-kind mother’s day card.

Egg Carton Flowers

Let your children explore their creative side with this easy and fun mother’s day craft. All you need are egg cartons, some paint, and some pipe cleaners. Cut the egg carton into flower shapes and let your toddler paint them however they like. Once they’re dry, glue on a pipe cleaner for the stem. Mom is sure to love her egg carton flower bouquet. 

Make a “Fun Facts About Mom” Questionnaire

Have your toddler help you fill out this questionnaire about mom. Once it’s complete, put it in a frame or scrapbook for her to enjoy.

  • What is mom’s favorite color?
  • What is mom’s favorite food?
  • What is mom’s favorite animal?
  • What does mom like to do for fun?
  • How old was mom when she had you?
  • What is mom’s favorite song?
  • What is mom’s favorite TV show?

These are just some of the questions you can include. You can also add in some funny questions too, like “What does mom always say?” or “What is mom’s favorite silly face?”. Make sure to incorporate cute mother’s day crafts or adorable mother’s day crafts into this project.

Make a Scrapbook For Mom

scrapbook for mom

A scrapbook is a great way for kids to show how much they appreciate everything their mom does. It’s also a fun project to work on together. Start by picking out a cute mother’s day scrapbook or mother’s day album. Then, start adding pictures and mementos from all of your favorite memories together. You can also add in mother’s day quotes or mother’s day poems to make it extra special.

Create a Collage For Mom

Have your toddler gather up some old magazines, construction paper, and glue. Then, help them create a mother’s day collage for mom. This is a great way to let them express their creativity while also making something special for mother’s day.

Why Should Toddlers Go For Easy Crafts?

Making a DIY gift or handmade gifts on a crafty morning will make mother’s day more special for moms and younger kids. Usually, kids receive gifts such as toy gifts and non-toy gifts. Now, craft ideas should be used to formulate the best ideas for mother’s day gifts. However, every simple craft must be done under the supervision of a guardian. 

Sure, these projects can enhance fine motor skills and keep kids engaged. And yet, there is also the risk of a hot glue gun hurting a child and older kids accidentally destroying supplies in the process of completing DIY projects. Therefore, kids must always work on a great idea to make the perfect gift for their moms under the supervision of an adult. This way, kids will always stay safe.

In What Other Ways Can Toddlers Show Their Love For Their Moms?

toddler showing her love for her mom

Aside from fun kids’ crafts, there are plenty of other ways for toddlers to show their love for their moms. Here are a few ideas:

Give Mom A Big Hug And Kiss

Nothing beats a big hug and kiss from a toddler. This is sure to put a smile on any mother’s face. Make this gesture extra special by surprising mom with a big hug and kiss as she wakes up!

Help Mom With Chores

Even though toddlers may not be able to do much, they can still help mom out with some simple chores. This could include things like picking up toys or helping to set the table. Non-toy gifts are always appreciated and help to make mother’s day special.

Bake Cookies With Dad For Mom

Aside from day crafts for kids, toddlers can also help out with mother’s day dinner. One way to do this is by baking cookies with dad for mom. This is a great activity to do together, and it’ll make mother’s day even sweeter. Kids can then put tiny papers with messages like “I love you, mom!” or “Happy mother’s day!”

Make Mom Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bed for mom

One of the best ways to show mom how much you love her is to make her breakfast in bed. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that shows you care. Some simple ideas include cereal, toast, or even a PB&J sandwich.

A Mother’s Day Craft

One of the best ways to show mom how much you appreciate her is to make a mother’s day craft with your toddler. This could be something as simple as a card or picture frame. If you’re feeling really creative, try making a homemade gift like a mug or keychain.

Sing And Dance For Mom

Get your toddler moving and grooving with a special mother’s day performance. Sing some of mom’s favorite songs or make up your own. Dance around the house or even in the yard. It’ll be sure to put a smile on her face.

Give Mom A Massage

Toddlers have tiny hands. However, with dad’s help, they can give mom a relaxing massage. Have your toddler rub lotion or oil into mom’s back, neck, and shoulders. She is sure to appreciate the effort.

Help Organize A Mother’s Day Dinner

You can let your toddler help you in the kitchen by stirring ingredients, setting the table, or even helping to wash dishes. It’s a great way to bond and show mom how much you appreciate her. A mother’s day dinner is a great way to have mom dress up and feel special.

Have A Mother’s Day Tea Party

A tea party is a great way to show mom how much you love her. You can have your toddler help you make sandwiches and cookies. Set up a table with pretty plates and cups. Let your toddler pour the tea and serve the food. It’ll be a mother’s day she’ll never forget.

Have A Mother’s Day Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is a fun way to spend mother’s day. You can have your toddler help you pick out some of mom’s favorite movies. Make popcorn and snuggle up on the couch together. It’ll be a mother’s day that your family will enjoy.

Go Camping With Mom

camping with mom

Camping is a great way to spend time with mom. You can have your toddler help you set up the tent and make a campfire. Go on hikes and explore the outdoors together. It’ll be a mother’s day that your family will never forget. You can also go fishing, stargazing, or play games together.

Visit A Local Park

You can also visit a local park on mother’s day. You can pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at the park. Your toddler can run around and explore. It’ll be a mother’s day that your family will enjoy.

Take Mom To The Beach

take mom to the beach

If mom loves to be in the water, take her to the beach. You can spend the day swimming, building sandcastles, and relaxing in the sun. It’ll be a mother’s day that mom will cherish and remember.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Get creative and have fun crafting with your toddler this mother’s day. Your efforts are sure to be appreciated.

Why Should Toddlers Learn How To Express Their Love And Appreciation To Their Moms?

Toddlers must learn how to express their love and appreciation to their moms because:

It is a mother’s natural instinct to nurture and care for her young.

mom caring for her toddlers

Showing love and appreciation is a positive emotion that should be encouraged. By expressing their love and appreciation, toddlers are reciprocating this innate behavior and showing mom that they understand and appreciate all that she does for them. This will make moms feel appreciated and loved, which is a great way to start off Mother’s Day. It is important for toddlers to learn how to express their emotions healthily.

It helps build a strong emotional bond.

Another benefit of mother and child expressing love for each other is that it helps build a strong emotional bond. This bond is important as it will help the child feel secure and loved. It will also help the mother feel more connected to her child.

It makes moms feel reassured.

Moms need assurance, too. Therefore, when a toddler expresses love and appreciation for his mother, it makes her feel reassured that she is doing a good job in raising him. It also helps the mother feel more confident in herself.

It is a great way to show mom how much you care.

mom and toddler hugging each other

Last but not least, expressing love and appreciation to your mother is simply a great way to show her how much you care. It is a thoughtful gesture that she will surely appreciate.

So go ahead and try out these mother’s day crafts with your toddlers! You’ll be sure to make some great memories while creating something special for the most important lady in your life!

What Are The Reasons Why Moms Are Celebrated Around The World?

celebrating mother's day around the world

Mother’s day is a worldwide event that is celebrated annually to show appreciation to mothers everywhere. The day is typically celebrated with gifts, flowers, and cards. However, some cultures celebrate mother’s day differently.

For example, in Thailand, mother’s day is a time when people wear white to honor their mothers. In Mexico, mother’s day is a time when families get together and have a big feast. No matter how you choose to celebrate mother’s day, the most important thing is to show your mom how much you appreciate her!

There are many reasons why mother’s day is so important. Let us explore them below:

Celebrating Amazing Women

One of the main reasons Mother’s Day is so important is because it celebrates amazing women. Women who gave birth, adopted children, or raised foster children are all mothers. These women deserve to be celebrated for their strength, courage, and unconditional love. After all, they have given their time and dedication to raising the next generation!

Showing Appreciation

mom and daughter hugging

Another reason why mother’s day is so important is that it is a time to show your mother how much you appreciate her. All too often, we take our mothers for granted. We forget to tell them how much we love and appreciate them. Mother’s day is the perfect time to show your mother just how special she is to you.

Honoring Mothers Everywhere

Another important reason to celebrate mother’s day is to honor mothers everywhere. This includes both biological mothers and adoptive mothers. It is a day to celebrate the strength, courage, and unconditional love of all mothers. By celebrating mother’s day, we honor the women who have dedicated their lives to raising the next generation.

Toddlers must learn early on that mother’s day is a special day. Share these reasons for celebrating mother’s day so that they can understand the importance of this celebration. When they grow up, toddlers will continue to celebrate mother’s day as a way to honor the women who have made such a positive impact on their lives.


Mother’s day crafts for toddlers are the perfect way to have your little one show just how much they love and appreciate their moms. These fun and easy ideas will have them beaming with pride when they give their moms their homemade gifts. Simple gestures like this can make mother’s day even more special for both mother and child.

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