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Ready to Build Your Impact, Influence, Income, & Support Other Parents While Doing It?

Join the movement here at Parent Porch where we’re building an inclusive and judgment-free community.

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300k +

Tap into an expansive network of mothers and parents ready to discover your brand.


14 Million +

Not just views, but meaningful interactions that engages, leading to action.



Connect with a Community: our audience is mainly women — who control 85% of household spending.

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Engage the Right Age Group: perfectly aligning with your target market for quality products and services.

Why Partner With Us As a Community Influencer?

Earn Passive Income While Making an Impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Parent Porch Community Influencer Program?

The Parent Porch Community Influencer Program is an opportunity for parenting influencers to earn recurring commission by referring engaged parents to join the Parent Porch membership community. As an influencer, you'll get access to our audience of 300k+ parents, promotion opportunities, and more perks.

What are the requirements to join as an influencer?

There are no strict requirements. We welcome any parenting influencer with an engaged audience and social media presence. The more followers and reach you have, the more potential commissions you can earn.

What are the main perks of joining as an influencer?

As an influencer, you can earn 50% recurring commission on any parents you refer who become paying members. You will be promoted to our large audience, gain VIP access and recognition, and also have opportunities to grow your own audience, and promote your own products/courses.**

What do I have to do as an influencer?

As a community influencer, your main role is to share your unique promo code and information about Parent Porch's inclusive community with your audience. You can share on social media, your email list, through partnerships with other influencers, etc.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn through commissions?

There is no cap on your potential earnings! The more engaged parents you can refer, the more you can earn through 50% recurring commissions. You can scale your income on autopilot.

How much can I realistically earn?

The potential to earn completely passive income is immense. With just 50 referred parents, you'd earn $500/month. Get 500 parents and you're at $5,000/month, and so on. The income keeps flowing as long as your referrals stay members.

When do I get paid the commissions I earn?

Commissions are paid out monthly as long as the members you referred keep their membership active.

What happens if a parent I referred cancels their membership?

You would no longer receive commission for that parent after they cancel their membership. Commissions are based on active members only.

Why should I join now?

Our community is rapidly growing, which means more potential commissions for you. The sooner you join, the quicker you can start tapping into our highly engaged audience and establish yourself as an influencer partner.

How will this benefit me beyond the commissions?

Firstly, you'll gain immense fulfillment from being part of our mission to support and empower fellow parents through community. More importantly, you'll help isolated parents get the resources and connections they desperately need. Additionally, you'll gain authority and recognition in the influential parenting space. As an influencer partner, we provide media coverage, brand partnerships, cross-promotion opportunities and more. Not only will you earn great commissions, but your reputation and status as a top parenting influencer will grow tremendously as well.

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