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Best Science Kits for Kids 2024 Version

I remember the first time that I held a science kit. It was many years ago. I was six or seven, but it was such a special moment that I can still remember it, and since that day, that kit became my favorite toy ever. It had a set of test tubes, chemicals, and flasks, allowing you to make different mixtures and learn how they react to some chemicals. Then, when I grew up, the kit was forgotten in the attic until one day, while I was cleaning, I found it again.

I couldn’t believe it! My old science kit! I was so excited that I decided to show it to my seven-year-old son, Jerry, who is pretty much an Emyly’s Wonder Lab show fan, and he was quite impressed. He played with my old science set for two hours until it was time to go to bed, so I decided that it was a good idea to give him a brand-new science kit as a gift, and I started searching that night.

I must say that I found many options online and several opinions from parents who, like me, wanted their children to learn more about science through play. That’s why I decided to make a selection with some of the most fun and didactic options. I hope you find this selection helpful and that your little one likes it.

Why Science Kits Are So Cool?

Science is more than chemicals, reactions, and complicated theories; it is the curiosity, discovery, and understanding of the world around us. This natural curiosity is what sparks a lifetime of learning in a child. Science kits provide the right spark for that journey; they change those ideas into highly engaging experiences right at home. These kits help go hands-on, and they do more than just teach; they inspire.

 As your child mixes colors, observes a volcano erupt, or strings together circuits, they’re not playing; they are developing critical thinking skills and furthering their ability to question, hypothesize, and reason. These kits don’t just make science accessible—they make science fun!

Just imagine for a moment the face of your kid discovering how crystals are formed or, even better, how plants grow. And most importantly, you can join the fun and strengthen your bond. It’s more than just a play but a way to connect with your child through learning. 

Look at the following list for some of the best kid options according the age. You and your child will surely find something that you like.

Best Science Kits for Kids

For Younger Kids (Ages 3-5)

Doctor Jupiter My First Science Kit  

Screenshot 2024 05 11 001643

Unleash your child’s creativity and curiosity with Doctor Jupiter’s My First Science Kit, designed for kids up to 3 years old. This kit is packed with fun, safe experiments like Water Fireworks and Stretchy Slime, fostering a love for science through hands-on learning. 

With durable materials and easy-to-follow instructions, this kit is perfect for any curious young mind, and it’s a good way to start learning science.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope 

Screenshot 2024 05 11 001817

I loved the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope by Educational Insights. It is colorful and cute, igniting your child’s curiosity. Not only that, it has the voice of Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin and offers over 100 fun facts and quiz questions about animals, plants, and everyday items. This is the perfect gift if your kid is in the “tell me why” phase. Even you will love it! 

Messy Science Kits for Kids 65 Pieces  

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002106

This science kit is perfect for young explorers. It allows you to do more than 20 experiments and is completely safe, so you don’t lose your peace of mind. You and your child can enjoy experiments like creating Lava Lamps, Slimes, Bouncy Balls, and even a Tornado in a Bottle. This kit is fully equipped with everything needed to unleash your child’s inner scientist, including a clear, step-by-step instruction manual designed to be followed easily. I gave it to my niece on their birthday, and she loves it.

For Elementary Age (Ages 6-10)

Supercool Science Kit 

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002208

This STEM kit makes learning fun and sharpens critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enhancing science and math knowledge along the way!

Can you imagine your child donning a real-life scientist’s nametag while creating gooey slime, a glowing lava lamp, or even an explosive volcano? This kit is packed with fizzy, fuzzy, and bubbling experiments that provide hours of entertainment. It also features engaging videos with a real scientist demonstrating each experiment, making science come alive right before their eyes. 

National Geographic Craft Kits For Kids Crystal Growing Kit 

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002301

If your kid loves watching the magic happen before their eyes, the Crystal-Covered Tree Kit is perfect! This unique set lets your child grow dazzling crystals on evergreen and cherry tree models, starting in minutes and achieving full bloom in about six hours. But that’s not all—your child can personalize each tree with the five included watercolor pens, choosing the colors of the crystals themselves!

And do you know what’s most stunning? It also includes a genuine geode specimen to explore after forming the crystals. It’s simply amazing!

Dan&Darci Light-Up Terrarium Kit for Kids

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002412

Do you know what a terrarium is? It’s a miniature garden inside a container that simulates a natural environment. It’s a GREAT way to teach your kid how botany works. You and your child can craft a beautiful terrarium with this all-inclusive set. And believe me, it’s amazing.

By day, both can watch their garden flourish, and by night, they can marvel at how the innovative LED light beneath the lid transforms it into a glowing, illuminated tabletop garden. It’s like watching a fairy garden. 

Pre-teens (Ages 11 and up)

STEM 13-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys for Age 8-12, DIY Building Science 

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002548

Do your kids enjoy mechanics and robots? If so, check out the Solar Robot Kit! Ideal for kids aged 8-12, this kit allows your child to build 13 different types of robots, encouraging an early interest in mechanics and engineering. This hands-on experience boosts understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and enhances problem-solving skills and self-confidence through interactive play.

The best part? No batteries are needed! Equipped with a solar panel, this robot kit harnesses solar energy to power the robots’ movements, offering a fantastic way for kids to learn about renewable energy sources while having fun. 

Geek Club DIY Science Kit – 88-Piece Apollo 11 

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002701

Take a giant leap for mankind with the engaging Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle and Moon Rover science kit, perfect for kids who dream about being astronauts. This 2-in-1 model, complete with a powerful motor in the Moon rover, allows for an immersive experience in lunar exploration. Of all the science kits, this is one of my favorites. 

The most incredible part is that the set includes everything needed, such as PCB panels, solar panels, electronic components, easy-to-read instructions, and a link to video tutorials. If you are looking for a science kit and a good reason to spend time with your child, this kit is perfect.

Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit – Virtual Reality

Screenshot 2024 05 11 002820

This educational toy brings chemistry and physics to life, fostering a robust understanding of basic scientific concepts through immersive learning, and Bill Nye guides it in virtual reality. Augmented reality transforms pictures into videos on the page as you perform science experiments guided by Bill Nye. It’s completely amazing.

The kit includes hands-free VR goggles compatible with all smartphones, offering a deep dive into virtual reality where you can see science in action. This 50-piece set comes packed with everything you need—beakers, measuring cups, baking soda, a paintbrush, and more—ready to experiment. Your kid will love it as much as you do, period.

As you can see, each option is fun, educational and a good reason to spend time with your children while you both have fun learning. 

Choose the Right Science Kit

Choosing the right science kit for your child can be as exciting as overwhelming. The trick is to try and match the kit you decide on with your child’s age and interests and your family’s learning goals. Here’s how to make the kit you choose a hit:

Age Appropriateness

Each science kit should be considered age-appropriate. Younger children should have kits that are safe, simple, and attractive. As the kids mature, kits can be more detailed with increased steps or experiments, providing a good working model that enhances their skills.

Interests Aligned

Does your little one like to stare at the sky or is interested in seeing the creepy crawlies under the rock? Get a kit that aligns with his current obsessions. Whether it’s astronomy, biology, robotics, or chemistry, a science kit caters to any interest.

Safety Comes First

Before experimenting, ensure everything in the kit is safe and non-toxic. Look for kits that follow very high safety standards. Always supervise smaller children to ensure a safe and pleasurable learning experience. 

Educational Value

Look for a kit that is fun yet informative. It should have a clear learning path and outcomes, which can help your child grasp complex concepts through play.


The happiness a science kit can bring a child’s life cannot be measured. These are not just any other toys; they are the door through which the world of science opens, sharpening a child’s curiosity and critical thinking. Your child, either at the inception of the education journey or at the junction of building upon experiences, will find a science kit resonating with his or her interest and age group. 

The best way to select a kit would be to ignite curiosity about science and create together study and fun moments. Remember that the best science kit is the one that inspires, teaches, and entertains without end. So jump in, select one that resonates with your child’s passion, and watch him or her run high with the flag of comprehension and imagination. Have fun learning!

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