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Safety Tips For Electric Skateboarding With Kids

Electric skateboarding is an exciting and eco-friendly mode of transportation that children are naturally drawn to. However, like any activity involving kids, it comes with inherent risks that need careful management. Ensuring your child’s safety while enjoying this hobby is paramount. In this article, we will share essential safety tips for electric skateboarding with kids, helping parents and guardians create a secure and enjoyable experience. 

Choose the Right Electric Skateboard 

If you want to purchase an electric skateboard for father and son bonding, it’s a must to check safety features. Choose the appropriate board suitable for their age and skill level. Opt for boards with slower speeds and stable platforms, like beginner-designed longboards.  

Smaller boards like penny boards can be challenging for kids to balance on, and high-powered models are best left for experienced riders. Look for electric skateboards with safety features like regenerative braking, which can help your child control speed and stop more smoothly. 

Protective Gear is a Must 

One of the most important safety considerations when electric skateboarding with kids is the proper protective gear. Make sure your child wears the following gear every time they ride: 

A certified skateboarding helmet is non-negotiable. It should fit securely and provide head protection in case of a fall. Protect the joints with durable, well-fitted knee and elbow pads, which can significantly reduce the risk of injury in case of a fall. 

Wrist guards help prevent wrist injuries in case your child falls. Look for comfortable and adjustable options. Gloves can protect your child’s hands in case of a fall and provide a better grip on the skateboard’s remote control. 

Supervise and Teach 

Before letting your child ride an electric skateboard unsupervised, spend time teaching them the basics of skateboarding and electric skateboard control—practice in a controlled environment. Teach them how to accelerate, brake, steer, and, most importantly, fall safely. Be patient and encourage them to practice until they are comfortable on the board. 

Master Balance and Stance 

Balancing on an electric skateboard can be challenging, particularly for younger riders. Teach your child the importance of balance and the proper stance to maintain control and prevent road accidents. They should keep their weight evenly distributed and bend their knees slightly for better stability. Regularly practice balance exercises, which will help your child become a more confident rider.

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Set Boundaries

Establish clear boundaries for your child when it comes to electric skateboarding. Determine where they can and cannot ride, and ensure they grasp the rules of the road. Stress the significance of avoiding busy streets, heavy traffic, and hazardous intersections. Ensure they know to yield to pedestrians and follow all local traffic laws. 

Check and Maintain the Skateboard

Regular maintenance of the electric skateboard is crucial for safety. Before each ride, inspect the board for any loose or damaged parts, including the wheels, trucks, and motor.  

Ensure that the brakes, remote control, and lights are in proper working order. Regularly check the tire pressure and keep the board’s battery charged to avoid sudden power loss during rides. 

Monitor Speed 

Electric skateboards can reach high speeds, and for kids, it’s essential to monitor and limit their speed. Most electric skateboards come with speed settings, and you can adjust these to limit the top speed to a safe level for your child. Start them at the lowest speed setting and gradually increase it as they gain experience and confidence. 

Ride During Daylight 

For safety, encourage your child to ride their electric skateboard during daylight hours. Riding at night or in low-light conditions can elevate the risk of accidents. If it’s necessary to ride after dark, ensure the skateboard is equipped with bright LED lights to improve visibility. Wearing reflective clothing can also make your child more visible to drivers and pedestrians. 

Teach Defensive Riding 

Defensive riding means always assuming that drivers and pedestrians might not see them and being prepared to react quickly to avoid collisions. Teach your child to make eye contact with drivers at intersections and crosswalks and always to yield the right of way to pedestrians. 

Riding with a Buddy 

Riding with a friend or sibling can enhance safety, as there’s someone else to watch out for each other. Encourage your child to ride with a buddy, especially when exploring new routes or riding in unfamiliar areas. They can support and watch out for each other while having fun. 

Be Mindful of Obstacles 

Electric skateboarding with kids means paying close attention to the road and being mindful of potential obstacles. Ensure your child navigates hazards like potholes, debris, or uneven surfaces. Teach them to approach obstacles with caution and avoid any sudden, sharp movements on the board. 

Respect Personal Limits 

Be patient with kids. Respecting personal limits when skateboarding is essential for safety and overall enjoyment. To achieve this, it’s crucial to educate and communicate effectively with your child about the sport’s fundamentals, risks, and the importance of personal limits. Pay attention to your child’s skill level and ensure they practice tricks and techniques appropriate for their abilities.  

Supervise their activities if necessary and encourage safe exploration within their comfort zone. Teach them to fall safely, trust their instincts, and recognize when to take a break or seek assistance if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The buddy system can provide emotional support and quick assistance, and regular check-ins can address any challenges or concerns.  

Ensure your child understands and respects any rules or guidelines at skateboarding venues, contributing to a safer environment. Furthermore, celebrate your child’s progress and achievements, reinforcing their confidence and emphasizing the importance of setting achievable goals while prioritizing safety throughout their skateboarding experience. 



Electric skateboarding can offer kids an exciting and enjoyable experience, with safety as the top priority. By adhering to these safety guidelines and offering appropriate supervision and education, you can help guarantee your child’s safe and enjoyable electric skateboarding experience.

Remember that practice, patience, and open communication are essential in developing your child’s skills and confidence while ensuring their safety. Electric skateboarding with kids can be a fantastic bonding experience, so use these guidelines to make it an adventure to remember.

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