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The 10 Best Baby Books to Help Your Little One Grow

Contrary to popular belief, books can help infants and babies learn critical skills far earlier than expected. Before they’re even old enough to understand the words, their tiny little minds absorb the stories and fun illustrations that parents present. 

This is why selecting the best baby books for your little one is important. You can even go for a classic baby book to help future young readers make a difference in the world. Read on to find out the best baby books for your little one or your new baby, and have fun during story time.

10 Best Baby Books For Story Time

1. Indestructibles: Hello, Farm!

Introducing Indestructibles: Hello, Farm!, the perfect book for a baby’s first encounter with farm animals. In this book, babies will meet cows, pigs, and roosters while learning about their different sounds. 

The Indestructibles series is trusted by parents and babies alike for its durable, rip-proof material and waterproof design. These books are lightweight and portable, perfect for taking on the go. And most importantly, they’re safe for babies, meeting ASTM safety standards. 

So whether you’re at home or on the go, Indestructibles: Hello, Farm! is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of farm animals.

2. Love You Forever 

“Love You Forever” is a heartwarming story about the bond between a mother and her child. The book has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages making it one of the best baby books to read.

The story begins with a young woman holding her newborn son and singing to him. She vows to love him forever, no matter what.

The child grows up and faces many challenges as the years go by. Through it all, the mother is there for him, offering love and support. The book ends with the child becoming a father and singing the same song to his son.

Love You Forever is a reminder that the bonds of love never die. Parents who read this book to their babies will feel an instant connection.

3. Indestructibles: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of the most popular children’s songs of all time. And, as it turns out, it’s also one of the most educational. 

The simple repetitive lyrics teach young children about rhyme and rhythm. Meanwhile, the iconic spider climbing up the water spout instills a sense of determination and perseverance. Now, thanks to Indestructibles, this classic song can also be enjoyed by babies and toddlers.

4. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Emily Winfield Martin’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be dwells on parents’ dreams, love, and acceptance they have for their children. 

This New York Times bestseller is perfect for kids of all ages. The book contains a rhythmic rhyme expressing all the loving things parents think of when they look at their children with beautiful, lush illustrations.

There is also a stunning gatefold at the end of the book. Families will love reading this book over and over. The message in The Wonderful Things You Will Be is one of love and truth that will endure for lifetimes and makes a great gift to the ones you love for any occasion!

Reading this book to your baby will help give them the best start in life.

5. My First Book of Baby Signs: 40 Essential Signs to Learn 

My First Book of Baby Signs is a charming storybook that makes it easy and fun to learn sign language with your child. The book is divided into four sections, each featuring a different sign.

The first section, “Basics,” introduces essential signs for words like “eat,” “milk,” and “mommy.” The second section, “Advanced Signs,” teaches more complex concepts like “help,” “potty,” and “I love you.”

The third section, “Fun & Games,” includes signs for activities like “jump” and “hide-and-seek.” And the fourth section, “Bedtime Signs,” provides signs for bedtime routines like “brush teeth” and “take a bath.”

My First Book of Baby Signs makes learning sign language enjoyable for both parents and their babies, as it can be used to teach new concepts and improve communication.

6. Indestructibles: Touch Your Nose!

Indestructibles: Touch Your Nose! is all about helping your baby learn how to touch their nose with bright and vibrant pictures.

Babies will love the interactive nature of this book, as they can actually touch what’s on the page!

Having interactive books can also help your babies develop their tactile senses by giving them time for sensory play.

7. Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!” is an introduction to the world of Dr. Seuss for babies and babies-to-be. 

This book is great for expecting parents and new babies. Written in a simple rhyming verse and featuring beloved Dr. Seuss characters, it tackles the joys parents feel when waiting for their newborns. 

The book also contains a brief introduction by Mrs. Dr. Seuss—Audrey Geisel—revealing how she and Ted were fascinated by the idea that babies could hear sounds while still in the womb.

8. I Love You to the Moon and Back

There’s no greater love than a parent’s love for their child. Every moment is special whether you’re snuggling, playing, or just spending time together.

I Love You to the Moon and Back is a sweet rhyming story that celebrates the never-ending love between parent and child. The story follows a bear and a cub as they spend the day together, doing all the things they love most.

From climbing mountains to watching the stars, they cherish every moment they spend together. This heartwarming tale is perfect for sharing with your little ones and reassuring them of your boundless love for them – now and forever!

9. If Animals Kissed Good Night

If Animals Kissed Good Night is a sweet bedtime story that imagines how animals express love for their loved ones.

Parents who read this story to their babies will enjoy the cozy illustrations and playful rhymes as they introduce their little ones to a variety of animal friends.

Plus, it’s a great way to help your baby learn about different animals and how they express love!

10. I Love You Like No Otter

This book is the perfect way to say “I love you” to your little ones. I Love You Like No Otter is a sweet and funny animal pun book perfect for baby showers, new parents, or bedtime story time. 

The book may be a simple story, but the illustrations are beautiful, and the message of love is clear.

This board book will indeed become a staple in your baby’s library. This is the reason why it’s one of the best baby board books on the market.

With its unique puns and illustrations, I Love You Like No Otter is sure to bring smiles to your baby’s face! The best part? It’s one book that you’ll never tire of reading.

So grab a copy and start reading today – it’s sure to become an instant family favorite.

These are just some of the best baby books available to help your little ones grow. With these wonderful stories and illustrations, you can create a magical reading experience for your baby and encourage them to explore the world around them!

So get started today – your little one will thank you for it!

How Can Babies Benefit From Books?

baby girl reading book

A lot of people think that babies cannot benefit from having stories read to them since they are too young to understand the words.

However, reading stories to your baby can have many beneficial effects. By reading or telling stories together, parents can help strengthen the bond between them and their little ones and encourage early language development.

Reading books to babies also helps stimulate their imagination and introduce them to the world of books and literacy, which is vital for their future success. Plus, reading time can be a great way to relax and spend quality time with your baby.

If you think reading aloud to your baby will have no impact whatsoever, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. That said, if you’re looking for the best books to read with your little one, just check out our list of the 10 best baby books.

Each of these books has something unique to offer and can help your baby grow in different ways, from language development and exploration to imagination, creativity, and more.

So go ahead and check out each of the books we have included above. You will indeed find one that you and your baby will love.

dad reading book to baby


So, there you have it – the 10 best baby books to help your little one grow. Each of these titles provides valuable insights and tools to help parents positively guide their child’s development. 

With these resources, your journey into parenthood will be more enjoyable and rewarding. Quality baby books are an investment in the best possible start for your child.

These books will provide fun and entertainment while giving you more time to spend with your babies. Enjoy exploring these titles, and best of luck on this fantastic journey with your child!

Frequently Asked Questions

What books should I read to my baby?

The best books to read to your baby are those that illustrate colorful, age-appropriate images and stories. Look for books with simple language, interesting characters, and stimulating pictures that capture young minds' attention. Some of the best books for babies include Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr., The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, and Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt.

What other types of books can I get for my baby?

In addition to reading stories to your baby, you can also find board books with bright illustrations and tactile elements that can help your little one learn about different shapes, colors, and textures. Some of the best board books for babies include Peek-a Who? by Nina Laden, Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill, and Pat the Cat by Lee Wildish.

What are the best educational books for infants?

Educational books that can help your baby explore cause and effect, numbers, and the alphabet are best for infants. Look for books that have short sentences and illustrations that illustrate the words to help make learning fun. Some of the best educational books for infants include Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., ABC animals by Phoebe Dunn, and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.

What book should I read to a 1-year-old?

Books with simple stories, charming characters, and colorful illustrations are best for 1-year-olds. Look for books that your toddler can relate to and ones that evoke their curiosity. Some of the best books for a 1-year-old include Jamberry by Bruce Degen, The Pigeon Wants A Puppy by Mo Willems, and Curious George by H.A. Rey.

Are there any books I can read to a 2-year-old?

Books with short stories that capture the attention of young minds are best for toddlers. Look for books with engaging characters, fun rhymes, and lively illustrations. Some of the best books to read to a 2-year-old include The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle, We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, and Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Are there any books I can read to a 3-year-old?

Books with engaging stories and exciting characters are best for preschoolers. Look for books that explore different themes and concepts. Some of the best books to read to a 3-year-old include Harold and The Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson, Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and Freight Train by Donald Crews.

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