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25+ Parenting Tips You Should Always Practice

There are many things that parents should keep in mind when raising their kids. Many of these things can’t be taught; they need to be done out of love and the natural desire to protect your children.

Other tips like making sure your child gets along with others are learned through trial and error. Here are some tips every parent should keep in mind.

For some, this is easier than it is for others; but this list will give you some insight on how to help build your child’s self-esteem! Following are some parenting tips that will help you along the way.

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Don't Resent Your Child

mom calming her kid

It may seem like a strange thing to say, but it happens all too often. Many parents resent having their children because they take up all their time or require us to sacrifice certain things that we would otherwise enjoy doing.

Whether or not this is true for you, you need to ensure that resentment doesn’t play a part in your relationship with your child. This will only cause problems down the road and prevent them from grow

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

Children learn by making mistakes, so don’t stop them together, but do try to guide them in the right direction sometimes.

If they are too young to know how to react in certain situations, then tell them what they should say or do instead of punishing them for saying something bad out of anger.

Praise Your Children for Successes

mom and dad cheering their kid

Children learn by hearing what they’re doing right, not by hearing what everyone else is doing wrong. When your child takes down all the toys from a shelf in one go, let them know how proud you are of their accomplishment!

Praise Your Children for Effort

Sometimes, children get so caught up in trying to do well that they become very discouraged when things don’t come out as planned. Let your kids know that it’s okay if they fail or if something doesn’t work out for them, just because they tried hard and made an effort to succeed.

Don't Compare Your Child with Other Kids

mom scolding her kids

It’s a good idea to have a sense of healthy competition between siblings and other family members, but never compare one child’s success to another.

This will give your children the impression that they are competing against each other for your love or affection, which will only cause problems later on.

Let Your Child Have Some Freedom

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you should control every aspect of their lives; it’s okay to let them go out with friends or play at the park without constantly watching them make sure nothing terrible happens.

You want to be able to trust your kids, right?

Then allow them just enough freedom to learn responsibility and independence without getting into too much trouble along the way.

Don't Coddle Them Too Much

mom pleading to her daughter

You don’t want your kids to think everything will be taken care of for them, but you also don’t want them to feel completely on their own.

Allow your children to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, but never let them take the easy way out by doing whatever feels good at the time without thinking about the consequences.

Tell Them When They're Doing Well

Tell your child when they do well will help shape their self-esteem into something that can stand up to any type of adversity that comes their way during life.

Positive parenting makes sure your child knows you’re proud of them. If you only tell them when they’re wrong or misbehave, they will always think this is how they measure up in life.

Don’t forget your own well-being is key to having the patience you will need to make this follow-through.

Let Your Kids Express Their Anger

screaming kid

It’s healthy for kids to express their feelings, and it’s even better when they can healthily do this. This will teach them how to control their anger and not resort to violence or other disrespectful acts when something goes wrong.

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Let Them Make Their Own Decisions

mom holding her kid's face

You should always remember that you were once their age; therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to let your kids make the occasional decision without checking with you first.

They will learn from these experiences and realize if they made the right choice by thinking it through instead of blindly following others. By allowing your children just enough freedom, then sooner or later, they will start making good decisions on their own!

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

"Parents must not fear their children's mistakes. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering."- Yoda from "Star Wars."

Having an occasional meltdown is a normal part of parenting. You should be happy when your child acts as if they are throwing a tantrum because it means that you have successfully raised them to this point.

Sometimes parents can be so nervous about their kids making mistakes that they constantly try to correct them the second before something happens, but this won’t help anyone!

If you don’t want your children to grow up being insecure and always thinking nobody likes them, then let them make mistakes instead of constantly interfering.

Give Them Age-Appropriate Responsibility

mom giving advice to her preschooler

It’s important to let your kids gradually take on more responsibility as they get older so that they can learn at their own pace. If you try to push them too far too fast, they may start resenting you later on in life when things become tough for them.

Let Your Kids Experience the Outdoors

If you love spending time outdoors with your kids, then this is a great way to bond and create some lasting memories at the same time.

There are plenty of wonderful activities that the whole family can do together such as hiking, fishing, swimming, rock climbing, camping…the list goes on!

Positive parenting means letting your kids take part in a certain activity that really interests them, as opposed to just doing the things you enjoy with them.

The best part about getting involved is that it will help your children grow more appreciative and respectful of the planet we live on.

Let Them Make Friends

If you don’t want your kids to feel like outcasts, you should let them occasionally hang out with their friends. You can even introduce them to new friends by having playdates or sleepovers at your house, but only if the other parents are good role models for your child!

The more your child interacts with others, the more language development they will be exposed to. The best way for little ones to learn is by hearing adults speak. If you have few friends that your child can talk to, try talking on the phone or watching TV together.

They must become socially active because this will teach them how to get along with others in the long run. However, if you’re too strict, then they may end up being shy around people all their lives which will make things harder for them instead of easier.

Read Storybooks to Them

mom teaching her preschoolers school work

Whether you read classic fables or modern tales, books are always a great way for kids to learn valuable lessons about life. Not only does this help them become more intelligent, but it will also inspire their imagination and creativity, which they can use throughout their lives.

However, you should make sure that the storybook is age-appropriate because reading material that is either too old or too young won’t benefit your child at all.

Let Them Explore Their Surroundings

Exploring outside your neighborhood gives kids a sense of independence while teaching them where different stores are located around town. Plus, they’ll have some exciting stories to tell their friends afterward if they decide to check out nature trails!

A baby’s brain comprises billions of nerve cells that are programmed to connect with other cells as they learn. When a child is born, neurons branch out from one area of the brain and start reaching for neurons in other areas.

This makes it possible for a baby’s mind to form new memories and recognize patterns. Your baby’s brain has many trillions of connections to make, but it’s not until your little one is at least two years old that the brain begins forming the connections needed for language.

If you’re too protective of your child’s safety, then they will never learn how to take care of themselves around the neighborhood because it will end up being too dangerous to go out alone.

Cook Meals Together

mom cooking with kids

One great thing about growing up in the 21st century is that there are so many wonderful recipes available online that anyone can follow. Even online cooking and kitchen tips classes are now a thing!

Just make sure whoever gets stuck doing the cooking doesn’t complain under any circumstances; because this will only serve as a distraction from completing the assignment at hand!

Family life can be challenging, and children, in particular, can get under your skin more than anything else. However, if you’re careful, you might just find that cooking a fabulous dish with them is a rewarding experience for all involved!

Your child’s brain is like a sponge, and if they’re spending their time in an environment where they seem to be happy and content (and you appear to be too!), then it must mean that you’re doing something right.

Both parents and kids should be interested in food because it’s a hobby that most cultures enjoy, so try making something together now and then.

Also, eating healthy foods regularly is always a good idea because it will give your child the right nutrition that their body needs.

Support Your Child in Every Decision

mom and daughter hugging

Your kids may not always make the best decisions in life, but that’s only natural because they haven’t yet developed into mature adults just yet.

Children who are encouraged to make choices about their future by themselves grow up to be more confident and successful than those forced into making big decisions.

So whenever you feel like something is wrong, trust your gut feeling because you know your kid better than anyone else!

Play Surprise Games with Them

mom teaching her toddler to clap

Surprise games provide a fun atmosphere for everyone involved because there is no way anyone can predict what will happen next (especially if it’s a board game like ‘Guess Who’).

This will boost the child’s motivation to learn new things because they want to know what types of activities will be presented to the next!

That being said, you should stick with games that are not too violent because this can affect their mental state and make them unpredictable.

Take Them on Backpacking Trips

Backpacking trips through various climates worldwide is one way for kids to experience different cultures firsthand without needing formal education about those places. They’ll also have fun meeting other people from foreign locations who share the same interests as them!

Exposing children to the outdoors increases their self-confidence, better emotional and spiritual well-being, and a stronger sense of independence.

However, you should only plan these trips if your child has been exposed to broader social settings for at least half a year because it can be dangerous if they still fear interacting with outsiders.

Sign Them Up for Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts are not just about teaching children how to kick and punch, but the principle values that the sport teaches carry over into their daily lives.

It’s also one of the best ways for kids to build up their self-confidence without going through rigorous training sessions!

When you feel like your child has reached a limit, then this is where martial arts will come in handy because it will help them get past any obstacles that stand in their way.

Children learn self-discipline and how to achieve goals. Martial arts classes provide confidence and leadership skills that will stay with children as they mature into adolescence and adulthood.  

You should always keep an open dialogue at home, so they never feel alone when practicing new techniques because everyone fails at first before actually mastering anything.

Teach Them How to Save Money

dad kissing daughter's head

Traditionally, money has always been taught at school because it’s one of the societies’ main things for operations. However, many parents tend to neglect to teach their children about saving money because they make enough income on their own!

This can be a good way to teach your child why you work every day and how they can use this to their advantage in the future. Just make sure they don’t spend all of their savings on toys or snacks each week.

Take Your Child Camping

Taking your kids camping during urban living conditions may not be possible, but it’s still an important part of parenting because they can’t appreciate the outdoors if you don’t expose them to it.

Children learn best through the five senses.

When they’re camping, take them out and let them touch things like rocks, moss, pine cones, and leaves while telling them their names and how to identify each one.

So, go out and pitch a tent in your backyard this weekend (or even inside) so everyone can enjoy eating marshmallows around the fire while looking at the stars!

Surprise Them with New Experiences

dad and kid playing video games

 Kids like doing new things on their terms, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t introduce unique experiences into their lives either!

Maybe you won’t be able to watch a local play together or travel across state lines, but there are many other options for activities that will provide your child with memories that they’ll never forget.

Play Chess With Them

mom playing chess with kid

Chess is a classic board game that has been around for centuries, but it’s also a complex way to teach kids about patience and strategy.

This will not only improve their critical thinking skills during gameplay, but they’ll also gain new friends if they decide to join tournaments at school! There are many ways to play chess so you won’t get bored of this activity anytime soon.

Parenting tips suggest using this as a way to talk about real-life situations, such as having to wait for the right moment to attack. Child development experts say it’s important for kids to develop abstract thinking skills. Counting out chess moves is taking this idea literally.

Play Frisbee With Them

Frisbees are one of the most lighthearted outdoor games that your family can play together while bonding over some exercise. Just remember, every dog loves frisbees, and you should throw them far away from where your pooch lives just in case they accidentally eat it!

It’s also essential to make sure your children don’t hurt themselves while playing frisbee because it’s a big commitment to go outside and play during the summertime.

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Give Them a Journal to Gather Their Ideas

mom sleeping with her kids

Writing down their ideas is one of the best ways for kids to express themselves because there are no boundaries when they start to write furiously onto paper. It is also very healthy for your child’s development.

This will also let them build self-confidence by seeing how much they’ve grown after looking back at old journals, so you should give them one as soon as possible!

It doesn’t matter what type of journal you get them, but just make sure it can last at least two years without ripping if you want suitable quality materials.

These are just some parenting tips, and we know there’s so much more out there. But we hope these parenting tips helped you!

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