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Top 5+ Holiday Destinations Post-COVID With Your Kids

After getting cooped up at home for almost two years, you’re probably dying to head off into the unknown and just wander far away. We feel you. But with the risk of COVID still lurking in every corner, you’re probably wondering how far you can go with your kids.

No matter how strong your wanderlust is tugging at your heartstrings, we still don’t wanna take chances at the expense of our kids’ safety, do we? 

But wait. Do you already know where you’re heading? Not yet? Here are more than five great holiday destinations post-COVID vacation + celebration with your kids this winter season.

Hope you enjoy the great outdoors!

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks & Kampgrounds of America

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Missed camping/RV-ing? We can almost see you nodding. As the COVID era comes to a close, more and more families are taking advantage of these outdoor activities to interact with other families and groups of campers, while at the same time mitigating the risks of getting infected.

If you’re planning to either go camping or RV-ing this winter, here are two budget-friendly, safest destinations that you may want to consider:

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Fancy staying in a yurt for the holidays? How about spending the night at a luxury cabin with your family? Or going on a traditional camping trip?

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks feature kid-friendly attractions plus live characters to make your holiday stay extra special. Making it the perfect destination for catching some sun.

Natural wonders, amazing landscapes and a vast array of activities will keep your entire family occupied. There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the winter solstice!

Kampgrounds of America (KOA)

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

If you’re into glamping-style lodging and tent sites, as well as RV-ing, and if you wanna try something different from Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks, here’s another spot for you to check out.

This site primarily caters to families with young children so you can be sure they’ve got your kids’ safety at the top of their list of priorities.

European best destinations for a family getaway

A European getaway is a green zone for any family. European cities have magnificent artworks, history and culture that leaves almost everyone who visits them in awe. European countries are full of many things that every traveller will enjoy doing on their trip to this beautiful continent.

European best destinations include places from all over Europe with high concentrations in the more popular European cities like Paris, London and Rome. Of course, European best destinations are not limited to these European cities that draw in millions of tourists every year.

European best destinations for families include peaceful sights like the beach, fun places like amusement parks and shopping malls and European culture at its finest. Without further ado, here are the European best destinations for a family getaway.

Hawaii & Its Natural Wonders

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Wanna head somewhere warmer this winter? Why not head to the tropical island of Hawaii for a change? Winter temperatures usually fall within the 70-80 range, which means you can bask in the relatively warm outdoors for the rest of your holiday stay!

With its hundreds of kilometers of beaches, Hawaii is a perfect destination for the summer.

Is it worth a city break?’ The answer is ‘yes! Hawaii is perfect for nature lovers.

For international travelers, it can be a dream trip for your family. Having escaped mass tourism, this incredibly charming island will immediately seduce you. There are so many activities here for families to do, many of which are hidden gems. In the holiday season, you will definitely want to check out the “Lanikai Pillboxes Hike” – an easy but scenic hike that is perfect for middle-aged groups.

The main Island of “Oahu” is an absolute must-visit. Solo travelers who love to absorb and experience as much culture and history as possible will find the beautiful city of Honolulu a worthwhile destination.

With unlimited access to various beaches and a great nightlife scene, Honolulu is perfect for beach bums, party animals and those seeking a place to unwind. It is one of the must see destinations.

If this is your first family trip to Hawaii, try checking out these two popular and kid-approved destinations! Natural wonders made by volcanic eruptions (obviously) are the rage these days, and you can’t go wrong with visiting either one!

Dream Trip to Mauna Lani

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Nestled on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, this place is the first Auberge Resorts Collection property on the island. Featuring outdoor hiking trails for kids, local storytelling sessions, and movie nights under the stars, this destination is definitely a young traveler’s paradise. Health measures are taken to ensure that no one who visits this place gets affected by the Covid virus.

This is one of the safest destinations to stay in Hawaii and also a great place to visit with your family. The island is filled with lots of peace and serenity, and all the activities you do here become truly memorable. The holiday season is coming up, and it is more than perfect to travel to Hawaii at this time.

Disney’s Aulani Resort

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

You know how it is with Disney resorts. Every place they touch transforms into something magical, and this one in Oahu is no exception! The holiday season is a great time to visit, as the resort offers many festive activities for kids.

With sustainable tourism being the resort’s focus, you can give your kids a fun-filled adventure experience at Disney Aulani Resort. International travel is like popping candy. It’s fun to make memories with your family, but the grins and giggles stay with you even years after you return home.

Whether it’s getting your kids up close with their favorite Disney Characters, going on an adventure trail with them, enjoying a fun splash, or just getting them to learn a ukulele, we guarantee that you’ll never run out of fun things to do! This is one of the safest destinations for kids on Oahu.

San Diego

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Here’s another destination to add to your growing list of Places to Visit After COVID.

While temperatures in San Diego are not as warm as in Hawaii, you can expect temperatures to drop only in the 60s level during the cooler months. San Diego is really a rare beauty.

Need a list of kid-friendly tourist spots in the area? Here are some that have made it to our list.

Escape mass tourism and visit San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

In the mood for a meet-and-greet with wildlife inside a zoo? Then we’re sure you’d enjoy a quick tour of the zoo. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures with the animals too!


Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Legoland is every LEGO fan’s fantasy! If you haven’t been to one yet, or if you haven’t been to one in a long time, we’re sure you’d love it here. This one’s an adventure your kids would definitely not want to miss!

The largest city in the Legoland Resort is called Miniland, and it’s a miniature replica of a bunch of different cities in Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. These include cities from the country itself as well as from neighboring countries.

The main town in Miniland is called Town Square. This features the LEGO House, the Legoland Hotel, and City Hall. With the Biden administration, high profile green project in renewable energy, the rows of windmills in Miniland are really charming!

Water sports are represented by surfers in the town of Carlsbad, California. The sculptures made out of lego bricks take huge amounts of time and patience to complete, but seeing your local city as a scale model replica is certainly worth it!

Botanic Garden

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Wanna enjoy nature outdoors? A quick visit to the Botanic Garden in San Diego is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite for nature plus make you feel like you’re actually in Jurassic Park.

This garden has got all sorts of plants, trees, and flowers from all over the world to give you a glimpse of what Mother Earth has to offer. It’s also located right next door to the Japanese Friendship Garden so you can have double-plant power for your trip!

Belmont Park

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Missed the beach but don’t wanna miss out on all the fun an amusement park has to offer? Then head over to Belmont Park at Mission Beach! This historic beachfront amusement park is guaranteed to delight not only your kids but also the kid inside of you.

Balboa Park

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

If visiting a plethora of family-friendly museums is your goal for this year’s holiday, then we highly recommend that you head over to Balboa Park. Here, you’ll get your own fill of all the museums you can think of — natural history museum, model railroad museum, air & space museum — you name it. They’ve got it.

Birch Aquarium

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

Wanna explore the vast ocean while staying on dry land? Drop by Birch Aquarium to meet over 5,000 sea creatures in over 60 aquarium habitats housed in this giant aquarium. Now this one’s definitely a visit you and your kids won’t forget! Great care for social distancing is also taken into consideration here.

Virginia Beach

Top 5+ Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

If you’re a huge fan of beaches, then a trip to Virginia Beach would definitely be worth it. Sure, temperatures here are a bit colder, dropping to 50 in cooler months, but not too cold for you to miss out on all the fun.

And really, there’s so much more to look forward to here than just a cool splash in their pristine waters. Here are other activities to look forward to — dolphin watching, a trip to the Boardwalk and the 15,000 square foot Grommet Island Park, plus fun at The Adventure park! Care is taken in order to create social distancing!

And did we mention that there’s tons of American history for you to explore in this area? Now that sure sounds like a real adventure for you and your kids!

Smuggler’s Notch

Love skiing? We’ve got quite a list of the best places to ski, but here’s one in Vermont that we can name at the top of our head. To enable a deeper social distance, care is given!

Here are two other equally great places that offer ski slopes catering to all ages and skill levels:

  • Park City Mountain Resort (Utah)
  • Northstar California Ski Resort (California)

Final Thoughts on the Top Holiday Destinations Post-COVID to Visit with Your Kids

We hope you enjoyed our list of top holiday destinations post-COVID this year for you and your kiddos! Now we know you’re excited to start planning your itinerary and making preparations.

But here’s a word of caution. Before booking any of these destinations, make sure to check what COVID-related restrictions they have in place to ensure that you enjoy a smooth stay all throughout. 

Important Note: Although travel restrictions have been eased in certain areas, it is still up to each family’s discretion whether it’s safe enough for their respective members to make the trip at this time. Health safety precautions should still be observed to mitigate risk, especially among the most vulnerable members of the family.


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