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29 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

The breeze is getting colder, and we all know what that means: Winter’s just around the corner!

And while that also means you get to have Mr. Snowman days again, it also means having to think of 101 ways to keep your little one busy indoors + outdoors too. Because PS: Kids don’t like being cooped up indoors. So now we have to come up with some winter activities to keep them occupied during those days that never seem to end.

But sometimes finding things to do in the cold winter months can be tough!

But we’re here to make things a wee bit easier for you, mommas! We’ve scoured the Internet high and low for activities that are certified to keep little hands and feet busy throughout this cold holiday season, so you don’t have to!

Yup, you’re welcome. (wink) This list includes both outdoor ideas and indoor ideas. The whole family will enjoy these fun ideas.

Here are 29 fun activities for kids that you and your little ones can work on this winter. Here’s to happy winter days and nights!

#1 Craft picture cards for each of your family members

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

The holiday season is also a time for visiting loved ones. Make these moments extra special with handmade picture cards for each of the family members you’ll be seeing. Plus, it’s also a creative way to re-introduce some family members to your kid, who might be seeing Grandpa and Granny again for the first time in years.

This one’s pretty simple. All you have to do is print out photos of each of your family and then laminate them, so they become picture cards. You can then use these cards to tell your kids a thing or two about them. Maybe add some interesting stories about them too, along with their favorite food!

Trust us, and this one works like a charm to get your kids to know your family better.

#2 Make cards for family and friends

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Done with creating picture cards of each of your family members? Here’s another fun indoor activity you can add to your list! Whether your family celebrates the holidays or not, there’s always a beautiful reason to write your loved ones a handmade card.

For example, why not help your kids write a thank you card to someone they feel especially thankful for? Not only is it a great way to teach your kids gratitude, but it’s also a great way to hone their creativity.

If your kids are too young to write, you could probably ask them to draw something to customize the card. Or you could have them help you place the cards in envelopes. 

#3 Bake bread as a family

Winter Holiday Destinations Post Covid With Your Kids

This one’s a great activity for children of all ages. Not to mention a very delicious way to spend the holiday too. Get your hands on some dough and match them with exciting flavors and colors for a more exciting experience. Who knows? You might discover an inner chef in you (or in your kids too)!

Not sure how to get your kids to participate without ruining your entire recipe? Have the youngest help by mixing pre-measured ingredients while your older kids can knead the dough themselves. Now that’s what we call teamwork!

#4 Have fun grating cinnamon or nutmeg

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

What better way to have fun winter activities that would engage all of your child’s senses (a.k.a. keep them so busy they’ll forget about running around)?

Grating cinnamon or nutmeg may not sound like your traditional way of spending the rest of the holidays, but it sure makes for a homey activity. And did we mention it smells wonderful too?

And, once you’re done, you can use these spices for your apple jars and bring these as gifts to holiday gatherings. Now there’s a perfect homemade present!

#5 Have fun on the ice!

Who says you have to stay indoors the entire winter? It’s also high time that you enjoy the nice outdoors! Building a snowman is at the top of anyone’s winter list of to-dos, of course, but there’s more to having fun on ice than just that.

It is always so much fun with families. Make snow angels There’s nothing more tempting after a snowfall than jumping onto a fresh slate of snow. You can even build a snow fort out of a snowbank.

Wanna turn your outdoor time into a science class? Try out some basic experiments on the ice! For example, you can explore the various freezing points of liquids. Really, all it takes is a bit of creativity and some Googling to come up with experiments that your kids will enjoy.

#6 Study animal behavior for your outdoor learning activity this winter

Looking for winter learning activities that you can do outdoors? This might sound really geeky, but hey! Learning new stuff is always a good idea, no matter what month of the year. This winter season, go animal watching with your kiddo and learn a thing or two about the different creatures you’ll be seeing.

Snowy days can make it difficult for you to spot animals as they’re most likely hibernating or hiding somewhere, but you can study the tracks these animals make.

You can also study hibernation in animals, through books and videos, of course. It’s a great way to teach your children the beauty of nature during the coldest months of the year.

#7 Invite friends over for some tea party and get your child to host it

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Your kids have probably hosted tons of tea parties for their dolls over the years, but this one right here is going to be the real deal. Get some of your friends or family over to your place for a light cup of tea plus holiday chatter! This is all the fun without any of the cold. Make it Snow Inside.

Make fake snow from styrofoam for kids to go crazy. Also, there’s no better time than the winter months to warm up in a steaming hot tub! When you feel cabin fever creeping in, leave the house but stay warm in a hot tub.

Why it’s a great idea for kids: It’s a good way to help them practice their social skills and party etiquette. Some kids are inherently shy, so hosting small gatherings like this can probably help them open up a bit, especially if you make it a point to invite those they’re already familiar with.

#8 Head outside and plow through the snow

It might sound more like a household chore rather than some fun activity, but believe it or not, your kids will be more than thrilled to do a ‘grown-up’ task with you! And let’s be honest, we grown-ups could use an extra hand at this task, don’t we? Think of this activity as hitting two birds with one stone. *wink*

It goes without saying though that you must keep an eye on your kid as you both plow through the snow. Accidents can happen, so it’s always best to be careful and prepared for the unexpected.

And that being said, this activity is much more suited to kids aged seven or older. Go on a winter hike in a park or the woods. Collect items you find and glue them to sturdy paper to make a beautiful nature collage.

#9 Try to celebrate the winter holidays differently this year

Tired of the same old celebrations? Why not switch things up for you and your kids this year? People the world over have different versions of the holiday celebration, so you can definitely try to borrow some of their traditions for this year’s festivities.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, make some beautiful cross-stitch art to use for holiday decorations, crafty Christmas presents , or just to spruce up any space in your home!

All you need to make fun happen is a little research and a dose of imagination and creativity. And voila! You got yourself a brand new theme for the holiday season! Got a country in mind for this year?

Look up their holiday traditions online and prepare to celebrate the season the way they would. You can even take it one step further by dressing up in their traditional clothes too! Now that would definitely be a holiday your kids won’t forget.

#10 Build a snowman!

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Be honest. You were waiting for this to pop up on the list. Lol. We see you. This one’s tradition, so of course, we couldn’t just take it off our list of activities for the upcoming winter.

It doesn’t matter how your snowman looks. It’s always the process of making one (and the sense of childish pride after finishing your snowman) that makes this worth it.

Don’t worry. No one’s going to judge if your snowman’s missing a nose. Or a hand. Or an eye. It’s still going to look awesome because you built it with the help of little hands. And yep, it’s still worth it even if it’s bound to melt after a few days or weeks.

And while you’re at it, why not pick a snow fight too? Nothing’s better than a few snowy giggles and shrieks with your kids as you enjoy the winter season.

#11 Make a snow maze!

We’re pretty sure your kid has done a lot of mazes before, but this one’s going to be one for the books! Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be anything grand (we’re not talking about giant winter mazes, okay), just a little shuffling in the snow to make an icy trail. And oh, make sure to add in a lot of dead ends too!

And you know what makes this one even more fun? It’s knowing that you can make your snow maze even more intricate in the next couple of days, as long as it doesn’t get covered with new snow, that is.

#12 Play an icy game of tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe on the snow, anyone? Count us in! Who says you can only play this game onscreen or on paper? It’s a great way to keep your little ones’ minds active during the winter break while having loads of fun in the process.

And your kids are definitely going to have a field day trying to beat you too. But hey, do let them win once in a while, okay?

#13 Go ice skating!

29 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Got kids who can’t wait to get out of the house and have some fun play time? If you have a public ice rink or a frozen lake near your home, you might want to consider going ice skating.

Never mind if it means falling on your butt a few times; ice skating is definitely worth it! Watch out for broken bones, though, and make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for skating. And one more thing: Watch out for thin ice!

You don’t want accidents to taint your holiday memory!

#14 Go tubing, sledging, or tobogganing

Had enough of ice skating? Try these out with your kids this winter! Tubing, sledging, and tobogganing are similar activities and involve you sliding through the ice, just with different equipment.

For starters, you can try a beginner’s slope to minimize any risks for your kids. If you have older kids, then you might want to try slopes that are a bit steeper for a more thrilling experience on the ice!

If you’re going sledging, make sure to choose a sledge that looks sturdy enough to handle your weight and has well-made handles. And, watch out for bumps on the slope too!

#15 Winter camping

fun winter activities for kids

Ah, this one’s a favorite. Don’t you think? Camping is always, always a great idea, no matter what time of the year it is. We love camping during summer, and we definitely think that camping during the winter is an equally fantastic experience.

All you need is an insulated, snow-proof tent, your snowshoes, and the usual camping equipment. That’s it. You’re good to go! Trust us on this. Camping out for your winter nights is an experience you’re not likely to forget.

#16 Snowshoeing

Love hiking with your kids? Then you’ll love snowshoeing! It requires no experience, is inexpensive, and is relatively safe as well. Perfect for young kids as they explore the snowy outdoors.

And while you’re outside, you can go animal watching too! What better way to spend winter days than to make great memories with your kids outdoors?

#17 Watch the Northern Lights

If you live anywhere near this natural phenomenon, then, by all means, make sure to spend at least one of your winter nights watching this magical scene! It truly makes for an unforgettable experience with your kids, plus a perfect Instagram post.

#18 Go ice fishing!

If you’re not into activities that require a lot of movement (don’t worry, we all have those days when we just want to be potatoes), try ice fishing. Huge plus if you live near a fishing spot, but even if you don’t, this one is worth going the distance for.

It also makes for a great family experience. Your kids will love the prospect of helping catch fish, plus you get to enjoy your catch too!

#19 Go out on a winter scavenger hunt

fun winter activities for kids

Running out of activities to keep your kids busy for the remaining days of winter? Set up a winter scavenger hunt! That’s going to keep them busy for hours, if not the entire day, for sure. Just the thrill of discovering items and getting treats in exchange is enough to keep your kids happy throughout the day!

#20 Host your very own backyard winter Olympics

No, you don’t have to be an Olympiad to do this in your backyard. You just need to be one active momma with lots of energy left to spare with an indoor obstacle course! Here are some games you can try out for your very own version of the winter Olympics!

  • Snowball shooting (No snow? A clump of dirt and water will do the trick!)
  • 100-meter dash (Think racing on land is tough? Try racing on snow instead)
  • Long jump (Snowy version)
  • Balance beam (Got a fallen log in your yard? That will do for this)
  • Sled race (Race against time and see who can go down the slope the fastest!)

#21 Paint on snow

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Are your kids feeling artsy this year? Try painting on snow! All that ice definitely makes for a great canvas and one where your kids don’t even have to worry about making mistakes.

Come next morning, whatever mistake you’ve made on your snowy canvas will all be gone, and you can always start your masterpiece anew.

And if you have miles and miles of snow around you, the sky is your kids’ limit in terms of creativity!

#22 Try painting with ice

Done painting all the snow outside as your winter crafts? Okay. Time to go back indoors and look for another creative way to add color to your kids’ winter days. And, we have just the perfect idea for you! Ever tried painting with ice? No? Now you’ll get to try your hand at it.

Ice painting is actually simple. All you need is ice (of course), some food coloring, an ice cube tray, and some popsicle sticks.

Make colored ice cubes using the materials above, and be sure to stick a popsicle stick in each square. Once it’s frozen, your kids can use these colored popsicles to paint their next project. Now that’s you being creative.

#23 Build an igloo!

Get your kids in full construction mode with the last activity on our list of to-dos! Okay, so maybe you can’t really build an igloo outdoors, but you can always make do with a blanket fort y’know. Your kids are going to love the idea all the same. We even know of kids who built a sugar cube igloo indoors. Although we’re not so sure how that went.

#24 Catch snowflakes

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Fresh snow is the best! Wake up early with your kids and catch a glimpse of this winter magic before it melts. It’s the perfect way to get them excited about waking up early for school, isn’t it? And if you’re really not feeling up for catching flakes, just gather around the window and enjoy watching nature in all its chill summer glory.

The winter wonderland that it brings with it is just as amazing as those you see on those National Geographic documentaries.

#25 Sing a winter-themed song together

Okay, okay, okay! We know we said this was going to be a list of activities and not songs but how can we not include this one? Plus, this song is really cute and will keep your kids entertained for hours on end, which means one less thing for you to worry about (and with all the snow around, you might be up to your neck in things to do).

#26 Have a snowball fight

The next activity on our list of to-dos is one we’ve all done at least once in our lives: snowball fights! Okay, so maybe the snow is melting and it’s hard for you and your kids to actually make a decent snowball anymore, but who cares?

The thrill alone of getting hit by a snowball might be enough to give your kids an adrenaline rush but if it’s not, you can always take the snowball fight indoors.

They’ll love having a snowball fight with you so much because they can actually win at this one. Humans aren’t as made for fighting against snowballs after all! But seriously… let’s make another promise of no snowball fights inside the house. Please.

#27 If there's no snow outside, make your own!

Okay, so you live in a place where it doesn’t snow (lucky!) but don’t worry. One of our favorite activities for kids is to make their own snow indoors in the cold weather with the whole family. Try one of these five ways to do just that.

#28 Make it a pajama day

Okay, so if you’re anything like us, you might not be ready to let go of the comfy clothes just yet. If your kids are anything like us too, they’ll love any occasion to wear their favorite pair of pajamas again. So don’t mind asking them to wear their snuggliest jammies on one of these cold winter days.

#29 Have a movie marathon

Fun Winter Activities for Kids

When you ask us what would be the perfect way to spend our time, we usually say watching all our favorite movies back to back with some popcorn. So why can’t your kids also enjoy this same luxury?

Make hot chocolate (because hot chocolate is a must for indoor fun) and invite them to your living room, then spend the day bonding over all their favorite movies. If they’re not into watching movies on a snowy day, we still know of some other activities that might be just as fun for indoor activities (and for more than one kid).

Loved our list of winter activities for kids? Go ahead and share this article with your fellow mommas online. And don’t forget to check out our other posts for ideas we’re sure you’d love.

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