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Fun Ways To Teach Letters to Your Kids

When it comes to doing fun ways to teach letters, some kids are more willing than others. Some kids will eat up anything you teach them, while others are harder to please!

You have to cater your lessons according to their personalities and interests, but no matter how willful they are, they can’t deny the fun factor of learning about letters. There are so many ways for them to learn!

This article will go through a few different ways that you can teach letters to your kid. From there, you can just go with it, and they’ll be eager to learn.

We hope that this article helps you out with teaching letters!

When Do Kids Start Learning Alphabet Letters?

teaching letters to kids

Kids start learning alphabets as soon as they can form sounds and recognize their names.

Typically, kids typically start their letter knowledge with letter recognition, learning lower lowercase letters, uppercase letters, letter names, then writing letters.

By the time they are three years old, most kids can recognize all those sounds without a problem! This is why exposing them to different activities regularly from a young age is so important – it builds a love for reading and writing before they even know what it is!

Kids need to be caught in a ‘reading environment’ regularly, or they will lose interest quickly!

Teach Letter Sounds Through Fun Games

kids writing

Find out what they like    

Do they like music?

Maybe find ways to integrate the letters into your kid’s favorite alphabet song. Or if they love movies, make up some monologues where each character is saying each letter in order (sounds hard…but would keep them interested until the end!)

Do they like crafts?

Make the letters out of yarn or popsicle sticks, for example. Teach them about making words by painting or cutting out capital letters that create certain words. You could even use their toy blocks to teach them how to build different letters.

It would even be really cute to teach them how to make paper snowflakes…however, you can find so many other ways for this!

Other Ideas  

You could also try teaching letters in a more hands-on way. You could create an obstacle course with lowercase letters all over the place and have your children do different activities at each letter point. This is something that they’ll engage with because what kid doesn’t love to run around? 

Another idea is to let their creativity shine through by creating things out of play-dough or painting various pictures using just their imagination.

If they’re still little, just do basic coloring pages while reading them stories about the alphabet. The possibilities are endless, and you just have to think about what they like and focus on that.

Magnetic Letters Are Great For Curious Little Kids

alphabet for kids

You can get a set of magnetic lowercase letters for a cheap price at your local store, or you can make them yourself if you’re the crafty type! If your child is interested in shiny, colorful, and new things, then this may just be the right way to go.

Learn With ABC Magnets That Stick To The Fridge

Your fridge is already full of important stuff, but now there’s one more way to use it! You can stick each letter onto its magnetic strip, so when your kid wants something to do, they can pull them all off and put them back on in order. Make sure to give them a dry erase marker to practice writing the letters as well.

Make Your Own Letter Magnets At Home With Glue And Paper Clips

If your child prefers crafts, you can make magnets at home! Get three paper clips and three pieces of magnetic tape, paint all over the clips to cover them, and then place the letter names on the dry side.

Grab some old magazines or coloring books, cut out some pictures that begin with different styles of teaching letters and sounds, laminate them all, and stick magnets onto the back of each one. Now put them on the fridge so you have something for your kid to look at when they are bored.

If they want something more action-packed while you teach lowercase letters, try putting together a batch of homemade flashcards with some words on there along with pictures too. You could even buy some educational flashcards, so they get the best of both worlds!

Teach Letters of the Alphabet by Baking A Letter Cake For Fun

Many kids also love to help out in the kitchen, so baking can be a great way to bond over something that you’re both excited about. It’s not just the doing of it that’s fun for them; it’s also what comes after – eating all that delicious cake together!

You could even choose letters that match the ingredients in the cake to make sure they remember those specific ones. So if you bake an alphabet soup cake, each letter stands for a different ingredient! That would be fun and tasty, wouldn’t it?

Introduce Letters by Sounds With A Puzzle

letters and images

Puzzles are always a good idea when trying to teach kids, and they can be for more than just colors and shapes. If your child is around preschool age, try giving them a puzzle with each piece shaped like a letter.

You could even buy some magnetic ones, so they stick to the fridge! Once they get better at puzzles, you could challenge them by making your version of it with words instead of letters.

Scavenger Hunts Are Fun For Everyone

drawings and letters

Scavenger hunts can be done for all sorts of things; finding items throughout town or finding objects that begin with a certain letter sound.

You could even prepare one in advance, set up all the clues around the house, and then put them somewhere that your child will find them. Then get ready to watch them go on a mission while they learn!

Teach the Alphabet by Hiding Letters All Around The House

If your kid is more of an outdoorsy type, set up some fun scavenger hunts for letter sounds by hiding letters and objects in the garden or park.

You could make it like a game of hiding and seek or give them some kind of clue. Whatever you choose to do, this activity will get your child out into nature while learning their letters simultaneously.

Make LEGO Letter Puzzles To Practice Reading & Building Skills At The Same Time


Building with legos can be lots of fun, especially when you’re not just building the same tower over and over again. You can build different types of things or make a LEGO puzzle! You will want to work on just one letter at a time and not teach a new letter until the previous letter has been mastered. But as you focus on that new letter, review the previous letters every day.

Make letter sounds on a separate brick, making sure to stack them in order from left to right. Then your child will have to solve it before they can move on to the next one!

Teach the Alphabet With A Bowl Of Alphabet Soup

This idea is lovely for kids who love soup! Get some alphabet pasta, cook up some fun vegetables, and then drop the noodles into your homemade broth. Kids are sure to get excited about eating something that looks like this, especially if it also reminds them of their favorite meal – alphabet soup!

Maybe They'll Like It If You Put The Letters On The Wall

name lettering

Sometimes, you can’t get your child interested in letter sounds, no matter what you try.

If that’s the case, then it could be time to make things a little more interesting for them. Get some craft paint and paint each letter of the alphabet on their bedroom wall. Each time you add a new letter to the mix, review the previously learned letters and sounds. Get them to practice doing this with all the other letters.

Then they’ll be able to look up at them whenever they feel like it! This can also help kids learn which ones they are good at because they see them every day.

Alphabet Posters Are A Nice Alternative To Letters On The Wall

If your child doesn’t like having things on their walls, an alternative would be getting some alphabet posters.

You should be able to find good ones at most bookstores or toy stores, but if there’s nothing you like, you could always print out your own!

Just gather some of your kid’s favorite pictures, choose the letters that correspond with those images, and then print them onto paper! This way, your little one won’t even know that it’s educational because they’re just looking at something they like.

Teach Letters of the Alphabet with Crayons Are Fun For The Youngest Kids

colors and letters

Those who don’t know how to read yet can still participate in this activity. All you have to do is get some crayons and break them into pieces, then write each letter on its side.

You could even use different colors for each letter, so as they learn the shapes of the letters, they’ll also be able to associate them with a color instead!

Use Scissors And Construction Paper To Make A Letter Collage

They say that art is an expression of beauty, and you can prove that with this collage.

All you have to do is cut out pictures of objects starting with each uppercase letter of the alphabet, create them into a pattern, and then hang it up in their room or playroom. It’s like decorating, but for education!

Let Your Kids Make Alphabet Cookies That They Can Eat Later

cookie in letters

No matter what, your child will probably still be hungry, which means that they’ll need something to eat.

If you don’t feel like making the food yourself, why not give them something they can do themselves?

Get some alphabet letters shaped like cookie cutters and let them go wild in the kitchen. Not only will they have fun making their snacks, but they’ll also be able to enjoy eating them later!

Use Pipe Cleaners To Learn The Letters With A Magnetic Board

Pipe cleaners are great for creating anything from jewelry to art projects, making this activity perfect for kids who love arts and crafts!

All you have to do is get a magnetic board, paint it with various colors, and then through the pipe cleaners into the little spaces. Make sure to write the corresponding letter on each color to associate letters with their appropriate sounds.


If you’re having trouble getting your children interested in learning the alphabet letters, then don’t worry! It’ll happen eventually, but until it does…just keep trying different things until they find something that piques their interest!

Not every kid is the same, so make sure you cater to what they are willing to learn about. Just try these suggestions to teach letters for now.

Good Luck!

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