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Is Hypochlorous Acid the Secret to Keeping Your Child’s Skin Healthy?

As a millennial parent, one of my top priorities is ensuring the health and well-being of my child. When it…

Epigenetics: How Your Parenting Shapes Your Baby’s Future

Have you ever wondered why your child behaves a certain way or has talent in a particular area? Is it…

Man Divorces His Wife Because She Was Breastfeeding Their Newborn

Although we are in the 21st century and many things have changed, especially in the way we understand motherhood and…

5 Signs That Fever In Children Requires Medical Attention

The first time that I struggled with a fever in one of my kids, I was way scared. I was…

How To Talk to Your Kids About Sex

One day, when my daughter Sarah turned 12, she came home from school saying she felt something strange in her…

Best Science Kits for Kids 2024 Version

I remember the first time that I held a science kit. It was many years ago. I was six or…

Fun & Play

Why Choose the Ergobaby Metro+ Travel Stroller?

Choosing a good stroller is like looking for the perfect pair of shoes: it should be comfortable, reliable, and versatile. Especially if you live in a busy city or love…

spatial awareness
Fun Ways To Encourage Spatial Awareness In Toddlers

Has your little explorer ever built a magnificent tower only to bump it over with one enthusiastic step? Such moments highlight the evolving spatial awareness in toddlers. This skill underpins…

indigenous people day 2023
Indigenous People Day 2024: Empower Your Kids with Love & Unity

Indigenous Peoples Day 2024 offers a golden chance to instill values of respect and diversity in our young ones. Whether planning or looking for last-minute ideas, today's article is packed…

12 best toddler tv shows
12 Best Toddlers’ TV Shows to Watch in 2024

There are so many toddlers' TV shows out there, but it can be hard to know which ones will really benefit your child. Some of them may have annoying advertisements…

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healthy donuts recipes
4 Healthy Donuts Recipes for Your Sweet Tooth

I loved donuts. Every Saturday morning, I'd take my kids, Sarah and Tina, to the…

art kits for kids
Best Art Kits for Kids: 2024 Edition

As a mom who loves art, I've found it my sanctuary. When I paint, it…

how to make maths easy for kids
How to Make Maths Easy for Kids with 4 Simple Tricks

Growing up, I always hated math and that's what I know how to make maths…

help siblings get along
6 Effective Ways To Help Siblings Get Along

I grew up in a home as the third of five siblings and often felt…

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