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Number Formation Rhymes Helpful for Your Child

Do you have a child who is just starting to learn their numbers? If so, you may be looking for some fun and creative ways to help them learn. One great way to do this is by using number formation rhymes. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what number formation rhymes are and how they can help your child learn their numbers.

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What Are Number Formation Rhymes?

Number formation rhymes are simply rhymes that help children remember how to write numbers. For example, the famous rhyme “One, two, buckle my shoe” can be used to help children remember how to write the numbers one and two. Similarly, the verse “Three, four, shut the door” can be used to help children remember how to write the numbers three and four.

Number formation rhymes are important because they are a fun way to help kids learn about correct number formation. Aside from these rhymes, you can also have your children view number formation posters every day. Number formation posters are great because they provide kids with a visual representation of how numbers are written. 

In addition, you can also use number formation worksheets to help your child practice writing numbers correctly. These worksheets can contain number representations, each number’s number word, and arrowed tracing numbers. 

You can give these numbers in a schoolroom. Make use of primary print to make sure that your children will remember each number properly. Primary print pertains to activities for primary learners. Children learn best if they have a hands-on activity to refer to. Therefore, use primary print for preschoolers who are just starting to learn about numbers.

Why Use Number Formation Rhymes?

preschooler learning numbers

There are many reasons why you might want to use number formation rhymes with your child. For one, they can be a lot of fun! Children often enjoy learning through song and rhyme, so using number formation rhymes is a great way to make learning numbers fun and engaging. 

Additionally, number formation rhymes can help children remember how to write numbers correctly. By using rhymes, children can create a mental picture of the number they are trying to write, making writing numbers simpler and less confusing.

Finally, these rhymes can be used to assess your child’s understanding of numbers. If you are working with a child who is having difficulty learning to write numbers, using number formation rhymes can help you determine whether they understand the concept of numbers and how they are written. They will be able to learn about the correct formation of numbers. The correct formation of numbers is easy to learn if children have a guide like number rhymes.

If a child can recite a number formation rhyme correctly, they likely understand the process of writing numbers and just need some extra practice. On the other hand, if a child cannot recite the rhymes correctly, it may indicate that they do not yet understand the concept of numbers.

There are many benefits to using number rhymes to help your child learn about numbers. Rhymes are fun and easy to remember, making them an ideal way to teach children new information. In addition, rhymes can also help children understand the concept of numbers and how they are written. If you want to help your child learn about numbers, consider using fun rhymes about numbers.

Aside from rhymes, you can also introduce number poems. Reading number poems is a hands-on and fun way to learn about numbers. You can also show animated PowerPoint presentations about numbers. This way, learning becomes more fun and interactive.

The Number Formation Rhymes


Around and around and around we go… When we get home we have a zero.


Number 1 is like a stick. A straight line that is very quick.


Around and back on the railroad track. Two, two! Two, two!


Around a tree, around a tree. That’s the way to make a three!


Down and over, down once more. That’s the way to make a four!


Straight line down, then around. Hat on top, and five’s a clown!


Make a curve. Then make a loop. There are no tricks to make a six!


Across the sky, and down from heaven. That’s the way to make a seven!


Make an S, and do not wait. Go back up, and that’s an eight!


A loop and a line, that makes a nine!


Straight line down, then around with a grin. That’s the way to make a ten!

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Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About Numbers?

numbers on puzzle mats

Kids need to learn about numbers so they can understand the world around them. They’ll need to know how to count in order to do things like measure, compare, and estimate. In addition, identifying numbers will help them with tasks such as reading a clock or understanding a calendar.

Knowing basic number concepts will also give kids a foundation for more complex math skills. Finally, understanding numbers can be helpful in everyday life, such as when kids are trying to figure out how much change they should expect from a purchase. By learning about numbers early on, children will have an easier time succeeding in school and life!

Number rhymes are one way that you can help your child learn about numbers. These simple poems or songs usually teach counting or number recognition.

Number rhymes can be a fun way for kids to learn about numbers and their order. They can also help kids understand how to use numbers in everyday life.

How Are Numbers Used In Everyday Life For Kids?

counting numbers using fingers

Kids interact with numbers in different ways compared to adults. Most adults use numbers for things like work, bills, and groceries. For kids, numbers are everywhere! They are on the clock at school, on the scoreboard at a sporting event, and in their favorite video games.

Number rhymes can help kids to understand the concept of numbers. When kids hear a number rhyme, they are hearing the number being said over and over again. This helps them to remember the number and its order.

When Should Kids Start To Learn About Numbers?

preschoolers holding number symbols

Most kids start to learn about numbers around the age of three. This is when they begin to understand that there are quantity differences between objects. For example, a child may be able to tell that two dogs are more than one dog.

During this stage, kids will also start to understand the concept of zero. They will learn that when there are no objects, it is called zero. When kids learn about numbers at an early age, it sets the foundation for them to understand more complex math concepts later on.

One of the best ways to help your child learn numbers is by teaching them number formation rhymes. These rhymes are a fun and easy way for kids to learn how to write numbers. Not only will they be able to learn the proper way to form each number, but they will also be able to memorize the order of the numbers.

How Can Parents Help Their Kids Learn Numbers?


There are a few things that parents can do to help their kids learn numbers. One way is to provide opportunities for them to count. This can be done by counting objects around the house or during everyday activities like brushing teeth or setting the table.

For instance, parents can say, “Let’s see, we need three forks for this meal. One, two, three. Good job!”

Another way to help kids learn numbers is by singing number songs and nursery rhymes together. This is a great way to introduce numbers and helps kids learn to count in a fun and engaging way.

Finally, parents can also create simple games that focus on numbers and counting. For example, they can hide a certain number of objects around the room and have their child find them. Or they can play “I Spy” with numbers instead of colors or shapes.

By providing these opportunities for kids to engage with numbers, they will be well on their way to mastery! Just make sure to be consistent and have patience – it takes time for these concepts to really sink in. But with a little effort, your child will be a math whiz in no time!

How Can Teachers Help Their Students Learn About Numbers?

prechoolers writing numbers on the street

Teachers can also help their students learn about numbers in a number of ways. For example, they can incorporate number formation rhymes into their lesson plans. There are many of these rhymes available online and in children’s books. By reciting these rhymes with their students, teachers can help them learn the proper way to form numbers.

Additionally, teachers can create fun and engaging math games for their students to play. These games can be used to teach a variety of concepts, including number recognition and counting. Not only will the students have fun playing these games, but they will also be learning important mathematical skills!

Lastly, teachers can also use technology to help their students learn about numbers. There are a variety of apps and websites that are designed to teach children about numbers. By using these resources, teachers can help their students learn in a fun and interactive way!

Helping Kids With Number Retention

parents teaching their kids about numbers

Aside from directly teaching kids about numbers, there are a few other things that parents and teachers can do to help kids with number retention. One of the best ways to help kids learn is by providing them with opportunities to practice. This can be done through games, activities, and worksheets.

Additionally, parents can put up number posters around the house or create number books with their children. By doing things like this, parents and teachers can help kids learn in a fun and creative way!

In school, teachers can also put up posters and create number books. However, they can also do things like create number rhymes or songs. These are great because they help kids learn in a fun and interactive way!

Practice Makes Perfect

preschooler trying to solve simple math problems

Children will be able to learn numbers best if they are given ample opportunities to practice. This can be done through games, activities, and worksheets at home or in school.

Parents and teachers must collaborate to ensure that children are getting the best education possible. You can help children learn in the best way possible by providing their support and guidance!

Number formation rhymes are a great way to help children learn numbers. They are fun, interactive, and can be used to provide ample opportunities for practice. With the support of parents and teachers, children can learn numbers in the best way possible!

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So, how hard is it to introduce number formation rhymes to kids? The answer is- it’s not hard at all! With the help of parents and teachers, children can easily learn these rhymes and use them to improve their number formation skills. All it takes is a little bit of time, patience, and practice!

Teachers must teach children all about numbers in school. On the other hand, parents need to make their children practice at home so that they can learn and remember the numbers easily. Number formation rhymes are one of the best ways to help kids with their number formation skills. These rhymes are fun for kids. Therefore, these rhymes are very effective in terms of teaching numbers to kids.

There are many number formation rhymes available on the Internet. You can easily find them and use them to help your child learn and remember the numbers. Just have patience and help your children every step of the way. Soon, they will be able to master the numbers and be able to write them correctly.

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