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7 Best Car Seat Head Support To Keep Babies Safe On The Road

One feature that can make a big difference in the safety and comfort of your child while traveling is a car seat head support. These helpful accessories provide extra stability and support during extended car trips or when running errands around town.

But which one should you buy? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best car seat head supports available in 2023 to help you decide which product is right for your baby.

Why Is Car Seat Head Support Important?

Using a car seat head support is important because it helps to keep your child safe in their car seat. Babies are very vulnerable in car seats, and their heads can move around a lot, making it dangerous if their heads are not supported properly.

A car seat head support helps keep your child’s head in one position so they are less likely to slump over or move around too much. It also helps to protect their neck and spine from being injured in a car accident.

Some factors to consider when purchasing a car seat head support include the following:

1. Comfort

Your child’s comfort is a top priority when it comes to selecting the right car seat head support. Make sure you select one that is soft and supple, so it won’t irritate or cause any discomfort for your child.

2. Durability

Make sure that the product you buy is made of a sturdy material that will last through years of use.

3. Adjustability

An adjustable car seat head support is vital as your child grows and their needs change. Make sure you find one that you can easily adjust to fit the size and shape of your child’s head.

4. Safety

Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when purchasing a car seat head support. Choose a product certified by a reputable safety authority that meets all applicable safety standards.

Do All Car Seats Have Head Supports?

parent strapping child in car seat

Not all car seats have head supports. Many newer models do have them. You can also buy aftermarket head supports that can be added to most car seats.

This way, you can make sure your child’s head is properly supported even if the car seat doesn’t come with one.

7 Top-rated Car Seat Head Supports For Kids

1. COOLBEBE Upgraded 3-in-1 Babybody Support

The COOLBEBE car seat insert is  the perfect solution for all-around body support for infants from birth up to 12 months old. This cleverly designed 3-in-1 reversible insert is made with breathable sandwich mesh fabric, ideal for keeping your little ones cool and comfortable on hot summer days. 

The ultra-soft and hypoallergenic reversible head support provides additional comfort and support, making it an essential accessory for your baby’s carrier, car seat, or stroller.

2. Travel Bug Baby & Toddler 2-in-1 Support Duo

The Travel Bug Baby & Toddler 2-in-1 Support Duo has a versatile two-stage support designed for car seats, strollers, and bouncers, providing a comfortable ride for your baby. The plush padding gently supports your little one’s head and neck, creating a cozy and snug environment. 

It also has a strap cover that matches the cute design to keep your babies extra safe,

This car seat head support is suitable for newborns and toddlers as the outer support is removable to ensure your child fits snugly as they grow.

3. NAPUP Child Head Support For Car Seats

The NAPUP Child Head Support is the ultimate solution to ensure your child’s comfort and safety during car rides! 

Made of 100% polyester, the head support guarantees a cozy and snug ride for your little one, preventing neck pain that may linger for days.

The product also complies with the CPC and CE regulations, passing rigorous crash tests to ensure your child’s safety throughout the trip.

With an adjustable front strap and headrest, this head support is perfect for babies and kindergarteners alike.

Plus, the soft foam material is flame retardant, and the polyester cover keeps your child cool and sweat-free. It’s also easy to clean!

4. Diono Cuddle Soft 2-in-1 Baby Head Neck Body Support Pillow

Looking for the perfect solution to keep your baby comfortable and supported during car rides or stroller walks? Look no further than the Diono Cuddle Soft 2-in-1 Head Support

It has a nested design that provides cushioned support for your baby’s delicate head and body to ensure a peaceful and comfortable ride. Babies can use the clever 2-in-1 design as they grow (up to 15 pounds); just remove the inner cushion to create more space.

The ultra-soft velvet-touch fabric provides a luxurious feel and is easy to clean with a simple machine wash. Whether you’re using an infant carrier, car seat, or stroller, the Diono Cuddle Soft head support provides a great solution for blissful sleep.

5. JJ Cole Baby Car Seat Head and Neck Support

Don’t settle for boring and basic head supports, the JJ Cole Baby Car Seat Head and Neck Support offers a cool and trendy way to provide support and comfort for babies on the go!

This car seat head support has two layers, creating a multistage design that is adjustable as your babies grow. The plush inner layer is perfect for newborns and you can easily remove them from the breathable knit outer layer.

The best part is, this head support makes the transition from car seat to stroller a breeze!

6. StoHua Toddler Car Seat Head Support

If you’re a parent looking for a great companion on your car journeys, this is a great product for you!

The StoHua Toddler Car Seat Head Support ensures that your child will get the support they need to comfortably enjoy a nap in their seat as you drive.

Not only is it of high quality and free of toxins, but it also fits right in with almost all car seats. Plus, the superior soft and breathable polyester material makes it ultra-comfortable to use. Sweet dreams are guaranteed!

7. Pro Goleem Car Seat Head Support

When it comes to keeping little ones comfortable and secure in the car seat, the Pro Goleem Car Seat Head Support is here to help!

This infant car seat insert is made of premium material which is ultra-soft and filled with soft padding for full comfort. It gives all-around body support to an infant from preemie up until they’re 12 months old.

Plus, it fits most car seats on the market like Graco, Doona, Chicco, Britax, or Evenflo. And with two pieces included in the package, you have no need to worry about size problems! The extra support that this product offers gives parents peace of mind during car trips!


Car seat head supports are very important for the safety and comfort of your little ones.

With the right product, you can make sure your child’s head is supported properly while they are in their seat, allowing them to sleep comfortably as you drive.

We hope this list of car seat head supports has been helpful in finding the perfect one for you and your child!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are head supports safe in car seats?

Yes, car seat head supports are safe for use in car seats. They are designed to provide optimal support and comfort for your child when they are riding in their seat.

Can car seat head supports be used in strollers?

Yes, you should always ensure that the head support fits snugly against your child's neck and that the straps are properly adjusted. Additionally, you should check the head support periodically to make sure that it is still secure and provides optimal comfort and safety for your child.

Do I need to renew my license?

Yes, some car seat head supports can also be used in strollers. Make sure to consult the product manual to check if your car seat head support is compatible with your stroller before using it.

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