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Man Divorces His Wife Because She Was Breastfeeding Their Newborn

Although we are in the 21st century and many things have changed, especially in the way we understand motherhood and gender roles, there are still people who cling to harmful and stereotypical ideas about “how a woman should behave with her husband.” But what happens when these ideas are not only completely abnormal and bizarre but also put a newborn baby at risk?

Well, one mother was about to answer those questions for herself in the most traumatic and unpleasant way possible when her husband shared his displeasure (and also unwarranted jealousy) after he found her breastfeeding their newborn son on the sly.

Reddit user UsefulCantaloupe shared screenshots on the r/NotHowGirlsWork forum on April 30, and the facts have since caused a stir on the Internet. Even The Sun portal did an article about it. We want to shed more light on the subject, so we share our point of view with you.

Let’s start by recalling the reasons that led this man to divorce his wife after learning that she was breastfeeding.

 Apparently, He’ll Never Be “Able to Look at Her The Same Way Again”

It sounds unhinged, but this husband’s reaction is rooted in deep-seated misconceptions and personal insecurities. He claimed that seeing his wife breastfeed their son made him feel disrespected. 

Can you guys believe that? He saw breastfeeding not as a natural and loving act but as something that changed in a bad way his perception of her as a partner. In his mind, her breasts were ONLY for his pleasure, and the act of feeding their child took away that exclusivity. He even suggested that she could have used a breast pump to avoid direct breastfeeding, ignoring the emotional bonding and health benefits that come with a mother nursing her child directly.

This guy is completely unable to separate his sexual view of his wife’s body from her role as a mother who wants to breastfeed her baby, and that says A LOT about his misguided beliefs. He felt betrayed by her decision, seeing it as defiance but a necessity for the well-being of his own son. It’s a shocking reminder of how some individuals can hold onto outdated and harmful views about women’s bodies and their roles within a marriage.

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This Man is Totally Out Of His Mind

The husband’s reaction was WAY extreme and irrational. He even accused his wife of incest for breastfeeding their child, which is not only disturbing but also a HUGE misunderstanding of how human biology and maternal instinct work. His mindset is like a hyper-sexualized view of the female body without recognizing the fundamental, non-sexual nature of breastfeeding. This perspective undermines his wife’s role as a mother and demonstrates a worrying lack of respect for her autonomy and choices.

Moreover, he went as far as to accuse her of infidelity, saying that her breastfeeding was equivalent to another man touching her. This bizarre leap of logic reveals deep insecurities and a controlling attitude. He couldn’t grasp that breastfeeding is a VITAL act that fosters a strong bond between mother and child. Instead, he viewed it as a deliberate disrespect towards him. 

Personally, I think his accusations and demands for her to stop breastfeeding, even when it was the best option for their baby, show a complete lack of interest in their child’s health and well-being. His inability to compromise or even attempt to understand his wife’s perspective points to a deeply entrenched misogynistic attitude. This kind of behavior is not just irrational; it is harmful and toxic, reflecting a significant emotional and psychological issue that goes beyond mere marital discord.

Screenshot 2024 05 16 121159

The Texts Disturbed A Lot of People

When the text messages between the husband and wife were shared online, they sent shockwaves. People worldwide were shocked by the husband’s comments and lack of empathy. The texts revealed a man who was not only rigid and controlling but also profoundly out of touch with parenting and the natural process of breastfeeding. And at least for me, that’s a dangerous red flag.

The reaction from the online community was immediate. Mothers, fathers, and even those without children quickly expressed outrage and disbelief. Many could not understand how a husband could be so insensitive and out of touch with the needs of his child. The texts showed his unwavering stance and his refusal to listen to reason or science, even when his wife presented facts about the benefits of breastfeeding for their premature baby. 

And Obviously, Emotional Responses Gets Viral

Screenshot 2024 05 18 130119

The emotional responses varied from anger to deep sadness. Many moms shared their own experiences with breastfeeding and the support (or lack thereof) they received from their partners. Overall, people were particularly disturbed by the husband’s use of terms like “incestuous” to describe breastfeeding, which many saw as a clear indication of his twisted and harmful mindset. After all, what kind of person can even think about a newborn in that way?

Screenshot 2024 05 18 130140

Even some experts and advocates for breastfeeding weighed in on the discussion. They emphasized the importance of education and understanding when it comes to breastfeeding and the need for supportive partners who respect and uphold the choices made for the well-being of their children. The husband’s actions were a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle many women face in balancing social expectations with their maternal instincts and the best interests of their babies.

Our Point of View at Parent Porch

At Parent Porch, we believe that family relationships should be based on mutual respect and trust. One of the things about this case that strikes us most, especially on a parenting level, is that the father’s lack of connection and empathy for his own child’s needs represents the opposite of what the parental instinct should be.

Having children is not just about raising and nurturing a baby until it grows up. It’s also about making a loving commitment. You’re not the same person once you have kids, and there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll have to put aspects of your life on hold that were once important, but it’s part of the game. It will be worth it in the end.

In summary, all mothers should have the privilege of exercising their right to choose how to raise their children and share their point of view with their partner with respect and love. After all, they are part of the same team and should have the same goal: to raise happy, optimistic, and healthy children who will become their best versions.

And what do you think about this particular case? Have you ever had differences with your partner over parenting? Leave us your comments below!

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