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Keeping Kids Active: School Holiday Edition

The arrival of school holidays often paints a picture of joy and freedom in the minds of young students. They eagerly await those precious weeks of no homework, tests, or alarms. Yet, for parents, this period can present a problem: How can they ensure their children stay as active and engaged as they were during the school term? With the absence of regular school routines, there’s a risk of the holidays turning into a stretch of screen-heavy and activity-light days.

Physical activity isn’t merely about health or energy expenditure; it’s a keystone of childhood. Active play boosts cognitive skills, nurtures creativity, and helps in emotional development. It’s during these unstructured playtimes that kids often discover new passions, understand teamwork, and even cultivate resilience. 

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However, developing fresh ideas daily to keep the kids moving can be quite a task for parents. That’s where this guide comes into play. Whether it’s indoor crafts for rainy days or outdoor adventures in the sun, the suggestions below can transform school holidays from a looming void into a period of growth, fun, and exploration for your children.

Join School Holiday Programs Or Camps

One of the most tried-and-true methods to keep kids engaged during the school holidays is enrolling them in organized camps and school holiday programs by Camp Australia, among others. These structured settings provide ample opportunities for physical activity and a platform for personal growth and development.

Here’s why:

Diverse Activities

Many school holiday programs and camps offer many activities, from arts and crafts to sports and team-building exercises. Whether your child is an aspiring artist, a budding athlete, or someone with a wide range of interests, there’s likely a program tailored to their tastes.

Skill Development

These programs aren’t just about killing time. They’re designed to equip children with new skills. Whether it’s learning how to pitch a tent, mastering the basics of a new sport, or picking up a musical instrument, kids often come back from these programs with a newfound skill or hobby.

Social Interaction

Holiday programs and camps are fantastic venues for kids to socialize. In a world where virtual interactions are becoming the norm, these programs provide an invaluable opportunity for face-to-face interactions. Children get to meet peers from different backgrounds and often form lasting friendships.

School holiday programs and camps offer a win-win solution. Kids get a break from their usual routine, indulging in new experiences and adventures, while parents can rest easy knowing their children are having fun in a productive environment. When choosing different options, just be sure not to overdo things such that those activities get in the way of family time. Likewise, consider your child’s interests too, so they’re sure to enjoy whatever programs they’ll be joining.

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Take Them With You On Errands

It might seem like a simple solution, but integrating your kids into your daily tasks and errands can be an effective and practical way to keep them active during school holidays. While it’s not the typical “activity” parents might think of, there’s more to running errands than meets the eye, especially from a child’s perspective.

Physical Movement

While it might not be a sport or a game, walking around a supermarket, helping pick items off shelves, or walking from one store to another in a shopping center provides ample opportunity for physical movement. Every step counts, especially when compared to sitting at home.

Life Skills

Taking your child with you on errands can be an educational experience. From teaching them how to select fresh produce, understanding pricing and discounts to basic budgeting when shopping, these are all invaluable life lessons they can pick up.

Bonding Time

Errands can also be a time to chat and bond. Whether discussing which fruits to buy or how their day went while you drive, it’s a chance for quality one-on-one time with your children, something you may only have a little of during busy, fast-paced school days.

In essence, while errands might not be the most exciting part of an adult’s day, they can be transformed into fun, educational, and active outings for kids. Who knows, something as mundane as doing errands can now be a new family-favorite activity for everyone to enjoy. Why do things alone now that you’ve got extra pairs of hands to help out?

Invite Friends Over For A Play Date

While school’s out, social interactions shouldn’t be! Play dates are a fantastic way to combine fun, activity, and socialization into one. Whether in your backyard, living room, or a local park, play dates are a classic yet effective approach to ensuring your kids stay active and engaged during the school holidays.

When kids get together, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll run around, play tag, or invent some entirely new game that only they understand. These spontaneous bursts of activity are excellent for their physical health and creative development.

Furthermore, interacting with friends outside the structured school environment allows children to practice and enhance their communication, sharing, and problem-solving skills. It’s also an opportunity for them to learn conflict resolution in a safe environment.

Inviting friends for a play date fosters holistic development in a more relaxed, less structured environment. They learn, play, and grow, all while creating cherished memories with their friends. For parents, this can also be an opportunity to catch up on their tasks, enjoy a quiet moment with a book or a cup of coffee, or interact with their parent-friends while supervising the little ones as they have fun.

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Go On A Family Holiday

The school holidays present a golden opportunity to pack your bags and set out on a family adventure. Whether you’re considering a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, traveling as a family can be a great way to ensure everyone stays active, learns new things, and builds deeper bonds.

New destinations often come with the inherent allure of exploration. Be it a hike in the mountains, a stroll on a beach, or simply walking through a new city’s streets, movement becomes an integral part of the experience.

As you arrive in a new place, this also presents an opportunity for unique activities you wouldn’t otherwise have engaged in back home. From swimming in a tropical paradise skiing on snow-capped peaks to taking cultural tours in historic cities, there’s always something new to try, ensuring the kids (and adults!) remain on their feet.

While family holidays require planning and sometimes a significant investment, the returns are manifold. Active holidays are not just about physical activity; they’re about creating lasting memories. Every adventure, every shared laugh, and even the little mishaps become stories that families cherish for years, before the school year starts once more.

The Bottomline

When school holidays come looming around the corner, do remember the very essence of these breaks: they’re there to keep kids occupied and let them explore, learn, and grow outside the confines of a classroom. Sure, you can think of activities to offer your kids occasionally, but don’t feel pressured to keep busy with something new all the time.

Take these weeks to enjoy and relax as a family, all while creating the perfect balance of engaging in and doing activities that bring joy, health, and family memories. School holidays should be that time of year when kids thrive best, and parents relish in the shared, unstructured moments of family togetherness.


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