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6 Great Ways John Wick Star Keanu Reeves Teaches Boys Respect for Women

Keanu Reeves, born Keanu Charles Reeves, is synonymous with box office success.

Reeves starred in Hollywood hits with positive reviews, such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Devil’s Advocate, John Wick, Matrix Revolutions and other Matrix films, and Toy Story.

But more than that, the Hollywood actor turned picture book author has set an example of male respect and admiration for women that all parents should strive to emulate.

This article looks at six ways parents can use Canadian actor Keanu Reeves’ positive representation of how men should treat women as a teaching tool for their sons.

A ‘Respectful King’: How Does Keanu Reeves Treat Women?

Aside from starring in the box office hit John Wick franchise and his latest movie, John Wick Chapter 4, Keanu Reeves has gained a lot of attention for his respectful treatment of women.

Fans have noticed that when actor Keanu Reeves takes photos with them, he keeps his hands to himself and avoids making contact. This behavior is seen as a sign of respect for women’s personal space and bodily autonomy.

The My Own Private Idaho actor has been praised for his “hands-off” approach in photos, which shows that he is considerate and respectful of the women he poses with.

Unlike many Hollywood actors, Keanu Reeves often wraps his arm around the woman in the photo without actually touching her or keeps his hands hovering behind her back.

In an era where many celebrities are criticized for their inappropriate behavior towards women, Keanu Reeves stands out as an example of how to treat them with respect.

6 Ways Parents Can Use Keanu Reeves to Teach Boys Respect for Females

Keanu Reeves posing with Dolly Parton

Now that we have established Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves’ respectful approach towards women, let’s look at six ways parents can use his example to teach their sons the proper way to treat females.

1. Emphasize That Every Girl and Woman Deserves Respect

The first step to teaching boys about proper respect for females is emphasizing that every woman and girl deserves it. Explain to your child that all females, regardless of race, age, or other factors, must be treated with respect at all times.

By using Keanu Reeves as an example, you can show your sons that it is possible for a man to be kind and respectful in all interactions with women.

2. Teach Boys About Personal Boundaries

Another way you can use Keanu Reeves’ example to teach boys about respect for females is by teaching them about personal boundaries. Parents should explain to their sons that it is important to respect the boundaries of the women they are interacting with.

This includes physical boundaries, such as not touching or invading a woman’s personal space. It also means respecting other types of boundaries, such as not making assumptions about what a woman wants or needs and listening to her if she expresses any discomfort.

3. Role-Play Respectful Interactions

Role-playing is a great way to teach kids how to interact with others in respectful ways. Parents can role-play different scenarios with their sons, such as introducing themselves to a woman or asking for consent.

By using Keanu Reeves’ example of respect and kindness, you can show your sons how to act in a variety of situations. Role-playing also helps reinforce the idea that respect should always be at the forefront of any interaction with a woman.

4. Talk About Consent

Explain to your sons the concept of consent and why it is important to ask for permission before doing anything, such as kissing or touching women. You should emphasize that consent must be given freely, without pressure or coercion.

Using Keanu Reeves’ example of keeping his hands to himself in photos can serve as a reminder to boys that they should always ask for consent before engaging in any physical contact with a woman.

5. Discuss Appropriate Language

Help your kids understand that they should always use appropriate language when interacting with girls and women. You can encourage your sons to use polite and kind language and let them know that there is no place for disrespectful or demeaning words towards any person.

For example, showing Keanu Reeves’ interviews and discussing the respectful way he talks to women can be a great teaching tool for boys.

6. Encourage Empathy

Empathy is an important part of respect, and parents should emphasize the importance of understanding how a woman might feel in any given situation. Explain to your kids that it’s not enough to just not hurt someone—they also have to take the time to understand how they may be feeling.

Keanu Reeves’ willingness to ask questions and listen attentively can serve as an example of what it looks like to empathize with someone else and try to understand their feelings. This could be attributed to the fact that Keanu Reeves family was comprised only of Reeves, his sister, and his costume designer mother.

Reeves’ sister, Kim, suffered from cancer, which ended up taking her life. Because of this, Reeves auctioned a date with himself to raise $16,000 for Camp Rainbow Gold, a children’s cancer organization.

Keanu Reeves Is a Good Son and Brother

John Wick Chapter 4 actor Keanu Reeves went viral a few years ago for his sad Keanu photo. But if there’s anything that should be more well-known about Reeves, it’s him being the ideal son and brother.

Keanu Reeves grew up close to his mom and sister. He had a rough early life because his father abandoned him at a very young age. Keanu bought a house for both of them before he did for himself. Reeves also moved next to his sick sister to help take care of her.

Reeves collaborated with big names in Hollywood in his films such as Laurence Fishburne, Diane Keaton, and the late Lance Reddick, whom Reeves worked with in three movies. Keanu Reeves may be an A-list Hollywood star, but his personal life, particularly his family, appears to matter more to him than the success he gained from all his films.

Keanu Reeves with a female co star


Keanu Reeves is an excellent role mode for boys to learn about respect for women. Reeves’ respectful and considerate interactions with women can be used as a teaching tool, emphasizing the importance of treating all women with kindness and respect.

By using Keanu Reeves’ example, parents can help teach their sons the value of respecting boundaries and consent, as well as using appropriate language and demonstrating empathy. 

In doing so, moms and dads will be setting their sons up for success in the future when it comes to interacting with women in a respectful and dignified way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it a good thing not to touch women? 

It is important to respect a woman’s personal space and not touch her without her consent. Doing so could make her feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and it can also be seen as disrespectful.

What is the importance of asking for consent?

Asking for consent is an important part of any interaction with a woman. It means that you are respecting her boundaries and giving her the power to decide if she wants to engage in any type of physical contact. Asking for consent is a sign of respect and consideration.

How does Keanu Reeves show respect for women?

Keanu Reeves shows respect for women in a variety of ways. He always keeps his hands to himself when taking photos, speaks to them respectfully and politely, and takes the time to empathize with their feelings. These are all great examples of respectful behavior towards women that boys can learn from.

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