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Is Liquid IV Safe For Pregnancy? Get the Facts Here!

Is liquid IV safe for pregnancy? This is perhaps one of the things you’re curious about as a first-time mom. Some doctors recommend using it as an alternative if pregnant women can’t take prenatal vitamins for whatever reason, but some argue its effectiveness.

Liquid IV is a liquid multivitamin that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for pregnant women to stay healthy.

This article will give you some insight into whether it is safe for pregnancy or not.

The Importance of Hydration for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Liquid IV

Dehydration can be a pregnant woman’s worst enemy. The sneaky condition comes with a laundry list of complications ranging from mild symptoms, like headaches and fatigue, to severe symptoms such as urinary tract infections and preterm birth.

Pregnancy can be tough for nursing women, especially if she has to deal with morning sickness for nine months. Unfortunately, some women have trouble taking prenatal vitamins because of their nausea.

What is Liquid IV and What Are Its Benefits for Pregnant Women?

Liquid IV Hydration multiplier is a liquid multivitamin that contains:

  • Vitamin A,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin D,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Vitamin K2,
  • Vitamin B1-6,
  • Vitamin B12,
  • Magnesium Chloride, 
  • Hexahydrate, 
  • Calcium, 
  • Lactate,
  • Gluconate.

Not only are all of these vitamins necessary to have for pregnancy, but they are also important during breastfeeding.

Pregnant women need these vitamins and minerals to help support their new children. Liquid IV is easy to use; just mix with drinking water or juice and be sure to drink it every day.

It comes in a bottle that holds about ten servings, so it is important to take it daily.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, or just over the age of thirty-five, Liquid IV might be something to consider. Liquid IV can provide the same hydration as 2-3 bottles of water intake.

Remember that proper hydration allows the body to instinctively remain healthy, repair/rebuild, and fend off invading organisms.

Liquid IV is great for Nutritional Ketosis because it’s not too high in carbs (less than 5 grams), and it doesn’t have any fructose, which can affect ketosis. It also helps with mental clarity, energy, and hydration.

Anyone can take Liquid IV over the age of eighteen, but it has specific benefits for pregnant women. It enables them to stay healthy during their nine months, and it can even help with morning sickness.

The vitamins in Liquid IV are known to help with morning sickness and nausea. It has way less sugar than sports drinks and no artificial flavors or sweeteners and is also Non-GMO.

Though Liquid IV is helpful during those nine months, many doctors do not recommend using it as a prenatal multivitamin because there is insufficient information to back the claims.

Doctors say that Liquid I.V is safe, but they recommend using prenatal multivitamins through a doctor or nutritionist if you are pregnant rather than taking Liquid IV every day.

Is Liquid IV Safe for Pregnancy?

pregnant woman

Liquid IV hydration is an alternative for pregnant women who cannot keep their prenatal vitamins down. It can help with morning sickness and nausea.

But because there is not enough research on whether Liquid IV is safe for pregnant women, no concrete conclusions can be made.

It can be taken by anyone over the age of eighteen and has been known to help with morning sickness. But doctors do not recommend using Liquid IV as a prenatal vitamin until more research is done and they understand more about its possible risks.

In addition, doctors believe that since there are no studies on pregnant women using Liquid IV, it would give them an unfair advantage compared to women in the placebo group.

Doctors say that looking at Liquid IV from a different perspective might help you understand that it is not a prenatal multivitamin.

For example, if you have a headache taking aspirin might help the pain, but there could be adverse side effects from taking it, so instead, you should take a Tylenol. The same applies to Liquid IV during pregnancy.

Liquid IV Offers The Alternative Of Having None Of Nausea

According to Liquid IV, FDA does not provide approval for foods, beverages, or dietary supplements. However, all of their products are made with quality ingredients and produced in facilities that comply with FDA requirements.

It also claims to have greater bioavailability than conventional pills, so it absorbs better in the body and is more effective.

Liquid IV Has Not Been Tested On Pregnant Women

Although there have been third-party tests done determining whether or not Liquid IV is safe for pregnant women, there hasn’t been enough research to say it is or isn’t safe fully.

Overall, Liquid IV makes some pretty bold claims about how effective it is, but there just isn’t enough evidence yet on whether its ingredients are safe for pregnant women to take daily.

Liquid IV Does Not Have Any Drugs That Could Cause Harm

husband giving his wife medicine

Liquid IV does not have any drugs that could cause harm and does not fall under the five drug schedules according to The United States Drug Enforcement Agency.

The company strictly follows all safety guidelines and only uses ingredients that are considered safe for human consumption. You can be assured that using Liquid IV will not put your health at risk in any way.

Every serving of this delicious and nutritious drink has 5 essential vitamins to replenish your body — not an easy task when you’ve got a new baby or are expecting one.

In fact, each Liquid I.V packet equals 110% daily value for all those crucial nutrients like Vitamin C!


So, is liquid IV safe for pregnancy? Although there is no evidence that it could be harmful to pregnant women, there has not been extensive enough research studied on its effects.

Suppose you are experiencing symptoms during pregnancy, such as dry mouth, dizziness, increased heart rate, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, muscle cramps, dark urine, or dry skin. In that case, dehydration may be part of the problem! 

Always contact your health care provider if you have concerning symptoms but ruling out dehydration and making sure you are getting 80-120 oz of water per day is a great way to take control of your health.

We recommend that every woman talks to her doctor before trying Liquid IV or any new supplement during pregnancy.

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