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10 Fun & Egg-citing Easter Activities For Kids And For The Whole Family

Easter is a wonderful time of the year to get together with the family and enjoy some exciting activities! But what kind of Easter activities for kids should you do? 

Read on to find 10 egg-citing Easter activities for kids that the whole family can enjoy!

When is Easter Celebrated?

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs on or after the March equinox. 

For Christians, Easter is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, so it’s important to remember its spiritual significance and spend time reflecting on the meaning of Easter or attending church services together as a family.

Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family, and here are 10 egg-citing Easter activities for kids that the whole family can enjoy:

Egg-citing Easter Activities For Kids

1. Easter Egg Hunt

You can never go wrong with Easter egg hunts! This Easter activity is a sure hit with kids, whether it be an outdoor hunt or right there in your backyard.

Plus, what better way to celebrate Easter than by getting them to search out some hidden eggs and goodies?

You can let your kids get creative by letting them decorate the eggs with paint, dye, or stickers before you go out and hide the eggs. Include some sweets and treats for kids to enjoy and make sure the eggs are well-hidden but not too hard for your kids to find.

Above all, make sure you have a good time and encourage the children to be imaginative during their Easter egg-hunting adventures. This Easter holiday will be extra special, either with an Easter egg hunt for plastic eggs or hard-boiled ones!

2. Easter Egg Decorating

Easter egg art is easily one of the most beloved and traditional holiday activities. Kids of all ages can utilize their creativity and make one-of-a-kind masterpieces, no matter their artistic abilities! There are many ways to decorate eggs, from plain store-bought dyes to hand-drawn designs, from spray paints to glitter and sequins.

Give your little ones a bucket of supplies, and their imaginations will surely lead them down some wild paths with unique ideas for egg adornment. Easter ideas will overflow if you just give them enough encouragement!

Easter egg decorating is a great way for family and friends to come together over the Easter holidays, maximizing quality time with fun activities everyone can enjoy!

decorating easter eggs

3. Bunny Hop Races

Easter is the perfect time for family fun, especially with the kiddos! To bring a bit of healthy competition to your holiday gathering, why not try a bunny hop race? 

This is one of the best Easter games for all ages and skill levels to play — just put on your designated bunny ears (or draw them on!) and have everyone hop their way to the finish line. Everyone will have so much fun.

Whether you’ve got toddlers or teenagers, you can expect good laughs and even better memories when you break out this outdoor activity. It’s always a success at our family celebrations — try it at yours and see!

4. Easter Crafts

Easter is such a special holiday for children, and crafting some festive decorations is an excellent way to get kids excited. With so many lovely materials like little eggs, colorful paper, and glue, they can create something truly unique and personal. 

Easter-themed crafting allows children to express their creativity in the best possible way while having fun!

Plus, their original creations make incredible decorations that add cheer and warmth to any space. Whether you want to make bird feeders or cute Easter bunny crafts, there are countless possibilities for what you can construct together as a family.

5. Easter Bonnet Parade

Invite the whole family to join your own Easter bonnet parade. Have each family member create their own bonnet or hat and then parade around the house. You can even make it a competition by giving out awards at the end of the parade!

You can even invite family and friends to join the fun by hosting an Easter party. Get creative with your decorations, plan delicious food, and enjoy a day filled with love, laughter, and egg-citing activities!

6. Egg Rolling Races

One Easter activity that never fails to excite kids on Easter is an egg rolling race. With some hard-boiled eggs and a collection of makeshift racetracks set up outside, you can get youngsters running and laughing together in no time!

Egg rolling races challenge participants to roll their eggs from the start line to the finish line as quickly as possible, and the first one to cross wins. It’s a silly yet super fun way for kids to get their competitive juices going this Easter!

7. Easter Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a classic activity that is fun for all ages and can be tailored to different sizes of groups; it’s perfect for everything from smaller family gatherings to larger neighborhood events.

Players seek out items related to the Easter season hidden around the house or garden — this could include anything from eggs, bunnies, and other Easter-related stuff.

Once everyone has collected their items, the real fun begins as all the players compare what they have found! No matter how small or large your celebration may be, an Easter Scavenger Hunt can add an element of surprise and excitement that your kids won’t soon forget!

easter scavenger hunt

8. Visiting Live Bunnies

Taking your kids to visit live bunnies is a fantastic way to celebrate Easter. This experience can be both exciting and educational for them, as they get to observe cute bunnies up close! Getting children to pet the animals will also promote empathy and a better understanding of nature.

During the visit, make sure that your children practice proper handwashing and other safety measures so that everyone remains healthy.

Afterward, consider creating some bunny-themed arts and crafts with your children as a way to remember the experience.

9. Bake Easter Treats

Baking Easter treats is the perfect activity for kids to create a fun bonding experience with family and friends. It gives children an extra boost of creativity as they experiment with flavors and colors and create unique designs using cookie cutters.

Plus, it won’t hurt that after all that hard work of mixing ingredients and forming shapes, there will be healthy and delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.

Little ones can look forward to baking these special Easter delights, and parents can help them out while experiencing a sense of nostalgia in preparing their favorite childhood desserts.

So grab your apron and roll up your sleeves, as this time-honored tradition will surely bring smiles to the faces of young and old alike this Easter!

10. Easter Egg Toss

Have a little friendly competition with an Easter egg toss game. 

Draw two lines and divide the family into two teams, then have them stand on opposite sides of the line and toss eggs back and forth. The team who catches the most eggs wins! Kids will have a blast throwing eggs, so make sure to keep an eye out for mess!


Whether it’s rolling eggs, scavenging for Easter items, visiting live bunnies, baking treats, or tossing eggs, these activities can help make your Easter celebration one to remember.

Plus, they’ll give your family some quality time together and put smiles on everyone’s faces! So this Easter season, let the fun begin with these family-friendly activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we celebrate Easter?

Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it has been celebrated for centuries. It's also a time for family gatherings and expressing gratitude for life’s blessings.

How can I make Easter more special for my kids?

There are many ways you can make Easter special for your kids, such as organizing an Easter Scavenger Hunt, visiting live bunnies, baking festive treats, or playing an Easter egg toss game.

What age group is suitable for the activities mentioned?

Most of the Easter activities for kids are suitable for all ages, although some may be better suited for children between 3-12 years old. Modifying the activities based on your kids' age and abilities is best to ensure they get the most out of it.

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