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The 10 Best Portable Bassinets To Buy

Portable bassinets are an excellent way to provide your baby with a safe, comfortable place to sleep while on the go. With adjustable heights, breathable mesh walls, and stylish designs, these bassinets make it easy to keep your little one close to you when out of the house.

This blog post will review the best portable bassinets in 2023, discuss features you should look for when purchasing, and provide tips on ensuring your baby is safe while using one.

Choosing the best portable bassinet will guarantee baby delight and will keep your baby safe at the same time.

What Makes a Portable Bassinet a Good Buy?

Portable bassinets can provide convenience and portability while still providing a comfortable sleep space for your baby. Special features that make portable bassinets a great buy include:

  • Lightweight and compact designs
  • Large storage compartments for toys and accessories
  • Secure locking systems for safety and peace of mind
  • Washable organic mattresses for hygiene purposes
  • Adjustable frames with multiple tilt positions for maximum comfort
  • Easy setup
putting baby to sleep in bassinet

Many of these models also offer additional features like white noise settings and calming vibrations designed to soothe and ease your baby into sleep. With all these great benefits, a portable bassinet is an ideal choice for parents on the go and those looking for stylish yet functional furniture.

Let’s explore the features of each to help you make the best decision.

1. Besrey 3-in-1 Portable Baby Bassinet

The Besrey 3-in-1 Portable Baby Bassinet is great for providing your baby with the ultimate comfort and support. This bassinet features a steel frame and polyester fabric with a cotton mattress surface, which meets or exceeds ASTM/CPSC standards for safety. 

It has dual modes that allow you to rock your baby to sleep or easily convert it to stationary mode with two adjustable heights for peaceful napping.

Furthermore, this bedside sleeper is easy to assemble as it only takes minutes to adjust between the two height positions by simply pressing the locking pins on each support. The solid structure provides accurate stability, and quality toxic-free materials will bring great peace of mind for you.

Finally, this bassinet can be folded conveniently when not in use, making it perfect since space saves parents who need portability.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Two adjustable heights for rocking or stationary mode


  • Net tends to break easily, according to a customer
  • Bassinet’s middle part droops if a baby is too heavy, said one buyer

2. KoolaBaby 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet

The KoolaBaby 3-in-1 Baby Bassinet offers an expecting family convenience, comfort, and ease of use. When used as a standalone bassinet, this crib sleeper can be positioned in any room or even taken on the go.

To convert it to a bedside sleeper, simply unzip the bottom and place it snuggly up against home beds. Doing this provides easy access for nursing mothers to quickly get back to sleep afterward. 

The adjustable design boasts five gear adjustment levels and five heights, making it easier to adjust the bassinet according to specific needs. This versatile baby bassinet is designed for maximum ease and comfort for babies and gives peace of mind to parents.


  • Easily convertible to a bedside sleeper
  • Five gear adjustment levels and five heights for optimal flexibility
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Wheels tend to lock frequently, said one review
  • Design might make some babies uncomfortable, according to a review

3. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

The Dream On Me Karley Bassinet is light and versatile, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With a lightweight aluminum frame, no-tool assembly, quick-folding mechanism, and roomy interior dimensions of 33 L x 19.5 W x 37 H inches, it makes moving it around the home a breeze.

An adjustable double canopy ensures bugs stay away, while the large storage bag conveniently keeps your baby’s essentials close at hand. The polyester foam fabric offers superior comfort and is easy to clean.

It is available in nine beautiful finishes that perfectly fit any nursery theme.

And with its included bassinet mattress, you won’t have to worry about additional purchases either—just pop it up and enjoy the safety and security of this reliable bassinet. A baby sleeping in this baby bed or bassinet will surely have good quality sleep.


  • Lightweight
  • No-tool assembly
  • Quick folding mechanism
  • Large storage bag


  • Has a smell that bothers her and her baby, commented one mom
  • Folding mechanism fails sometimes, according to a review

4. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

The Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet offers new parents a remarkable combination of convenience, comfort, and portability. 

Crafted from premium polyester fabric, the Traveler is designed to keep newborn babies and older babies safe and comfortable, with a full-mesh side for optimal ventilation and visibility. Its lightweight aluminum frame can be set up in no time with snap-on legs and a one-piece top structure.

Folding flat when not used and stored in the provided travel bag, this bassinet is highly portable. Additionally, the Traveler includes an ultra-convenient padded mattress that is both removable for easy cleaning and simple to fold for storage. 

It’s perfect for on-the-go families looking for hassle-free comfort wherever they go. Travel bassinets like this make a comfortable sleeping space for a new baby.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Full-mesh side for optimal ventilation and visibility
  • Removable, easy-to-clean padded mattress


  • Durability could still be improved but bassinet fulfills its purpose well enough, said one buyer
  • Can be a bit bulky when in use, thought one customer

5. HALO Baby Flex BassiNest

The HALO Baby Flex BassiNest is a revolutionary bedside crib that safely keeps your baby close without bedsharing. Its patented lower bedside wall makes it ideal for breastfeeding or recovery after childbirth, while specially designed legs make it possible to use on carpeted surfaces.

This incredibly lightweight sleep solution can easily be moved around the house and folded into the carry bag for convenient travel. 

Strict safety standards have ensured the BassiNest Flex is certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA), with protective mesh walls providing optimal breathability for your little one’s comfort.


  • Lower bedside wall for breastfeeding and recovery
  • JMPA-certified for safety
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Very hard to put together, said one dad
  • Tends to get a bit wobbly if used carelessly, said one mom

6. Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet

If you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-travel bassinet, the Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet is perfect for your family. It’s designed to be comfortably used for sleep and is JPMA-certified, so parents can feel secure in their purchase. It lays flat and rocks side to side to gently lull any baby into a peaceful sleep.

There’s also a retractable canopy with a sunshade that blocks out bright lights and UV rays but can easily be removed if desired. A removable bug net conveniently rolls up and is stored in a zippered pocket on the canopy for added protection from bugs and other outdoor hazards.


  • JPMA-certified for safety
  • Retractable canopy with sunshade
  • Removable bug net


  • Bassinet legs can be made to look sturdier for parents’ peace of mind, said one customer
  • Mesh side could get damaged easily if not used with care, according to a review

7. Mika Micky Portable Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

The Mika Micky Portable Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper is the perfect solution for finding a safe, comfortable, convenient bedside crib for your baby. It has:

  • Two fastening straps for easy and secure attachment to your bed
  • Seven height positions to suit any size bed frame
  • An easy-open side panel for convenient access
  • Two-side mesh construction for improved breathability

It also offers a stable bottom with an accompanying supportive mattress and sleeping board, ensuring your baby is always as snug as a bug in a rug.

It even accommodates babies up to 33 lbs or until they can pull themselves upright, making it ideal for those special early days with your little one.


  • Two fastening straps for easy and secure attachment
  • Seven height positions to suit any size bed frame
  • Accompanying supportive mattress and sleeping board


  • Gets a bit wobbly if moved a lot from one place to another, according to one customer
  • Unappealing design to some parents, said one review

8. Ingenuity Foldaway Portable Rocking Bassinet

Ensuring your baby gets a good night’s sleep is essential for their growth and development at home and while traveling.

Designed to make this as easy and portable as possible, the Ingenuity Foldaway Portable Rocking Bassinet is just what you need. 

Its spacious cradle provides your child with a comfortable sleep environment, while its mattress size of 17.5″ x 33.5″ ensures good sleep quality.

The bassinet can be rocked easily for added comfort, and the ultimate convenience is that it folds away quickly for transporting and storing. This product will make long trips more manageable, allowing you to give your little one peace and quiet, whether napping or sleeping through the night.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Folds away quickly for transportation and storage
  • Rocks easily for added comfort


  • Not too easy to move around since it has no wheels, noted by one reviewer
  • Uneven, according to a customer

9. Fisher-Price Rock with Me Portable Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Rock with Me Portable Bassinet is the perfect solution for those who want the convenience of a portable bassinet without sacrificing comfort and security.

This bassinet features a flat sleeping surface that rocks gently with just a simple push from you. When it’s time to transport or store the bassinet, simply fold it up and go; there are no bulky parts to worry about.

When stationary use is needed, twist and lock the feet of the bassinet in place. Safety features include breathable mesh side panels and one linkable toy for added playtime fun while keeping the baby secure. This bassinet allows you to enjoy flexibility without compromising your baby’s safety.


  • Gently rocks with a simple push
  • Folds up for easy portability and storage
  • Breathable mesh side panels for added security


  • May not be comfortable for babies, said one customer
  • Folding mechanism tends to get damaged quite easily, said one mom

10. ANGELBLISS Portable Baby Bassinet Bedside

The ANGELBLISS Portable Baby Bassinet Bedside is designed with your precious little one in mind.

The product is crafted with a thick aviation aluminum frame and 100% polyester microfiber fabric and meets ASTM F2906 safety standards to provide maximum reassurance and reliability for parents.

The four-sided breathable mesh also assures your baby a cool and comfortable resting space, avoiding any risk of suffocation due to movement or rolling.

With six adjustable height positions ranging from 12.7 to 19.5 inches, you can find the perfect fit suitable for most standard US beds and sofas.


  • Meets ASTM F2906 safety standards
  • Four-sided breathable mesh for a cool and comfortable sleeping environment
  • Six adjustable height positions to suit any size bed or sofa


  • Might be uncomfortable for larger babies, said one dad
  • Tends to dip in the middle after some time, according to a customer

Tips for Choosing a Portable Bassinet

Before you go ahead and purchase a portable bassinet, here are some tips to consider so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your baby:

1. Safety Features

Shopping for a portable bassinet is an important task that requires great responsibility and care. There are many different models to choose from, yet safety is of utmost importance when selecting one.

Always look for features that certify the bassinet surpasses industry standards, such as those provided by the JPMA.

It’s always best to buy a certified product for peace of mind, as it meets specific criteria and assures your child’s security. Bassinets should also be checked for recalls or warnings, which could impact their safe use.

2. Comfort

Whether you’re providing your little one with a comfortable place to sleep on the go or a space-saving option for the nursery, getting just the right portable bassinet is crucial. Before committing to any purchase, it’s important to consider the comfort of the bassinet.

If possible, make sure that you test out a few models in physical stores to get an idea of how certain fabrics, cushioning, and the overall construction feels.

Making sure that your portable bassinet provides the ideal level of comfort and support will ensure that both baby and parents get a good night’s sleep no matter where you choose to stay.

3. Durability

When searching for the perfect portable bassinet, one of the factors you should consider is its durability. Making sure that your bassinet can withstand even the busiest parent’s fast-paced lifestyle is key.

Look for a bassinet with a sturdy frame, robust fabric, and firm mattress base to ensure that it offers long-lasting comfort and protection.

Certain materials such as steel or teakwood can provide extra strength while remaining lightweight; this will keep your bundle of joy safe as they grow bigger and stronger in their delightful new abode.

With the right combination of sturdiness and portability, you’ll surely find the perfect bassinet.

best bassinet for small spaces

4. Quality of Materials Used

Materials’ quality should be prioritized when purchasing a portable bassinet for your infant. Parents should feel confident that the material used is, first and foremost, comfortable but also safe for their baby. 

Beyond comfort, parents should check for materials made from high-quality fabrics and lightweight yet durable construction. It’s important to properly weigh the pros and cons of each portable bassinet material and to do diligent research before making any buying decisions.

Materials’ quality is important for safety reasons and for ease of use when carrying the bassinet around or transporting it in a car.

With the wide variety of safety standards, ease of use ratings, and quality certifications, it’s easier than ever to choose the right portable bassinet that will serve you and your family best.

5. Price

Purchasing a portable bassinet should be an informed decision.

One of the primary factors to consider when selecting is the price. Portable bassinets vary in cost, and you should research options to determine which unit fits within your budget. 

Remember that the price can often reflect the quality of workmanship and material used in the construction.

Keeping this in mind, spending more on a quality bassinet may mean less strain on your wallet in the long run due to its durability and reliability, while cheaper models may require frequent repair or replacement.

Comparing features, warranties, and prices can help you make an educated purchase decision so you can get the most value for your investment.

Bottom Line

Portable bassinets offer convenience for parents and provide a peaceful environment for children and help ease the transition from the crib to traveling around town.

Investing in a quality portable bassinet is well worth it if you plan to take frequent trips or need something easy to move around the house.

The perfect portable bassinet can provide your infant with the ideal balance of safety, comfort, and durability.

Doing thorough research into materials, features, warranties, and prices before making a purchase can ensure that your little one will have a safe, comfortable place to rest wherever their adventures take them. 

With the right combination of quality and convenience, you’ll surely find the perfect portable bassinet for your beloved bundle of joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are portable bassinets safe for newborns?

Yes, portable bassinets can be perfectly safe for newborns if you choose one that meets safety standards and comes with a reliable warranty. Testing out a few models in person can give you an idea of how sturdy and comfortable each unit is.

How long can a baby sleep in a portable bassinet?

Most experts recommend that babies sleep in the same position for no more than three or four hours. Portable bassinets should be used as a short-term sleeping solution, not as an infant crib substitute.

Are portable bassinets easy to transport?

Yes, most portable bassinets are designed with convenience in mind and are lightweight and easy to carry. Some are even designed with wheels to make transport even easier. Be sure to research the weight, size, and portability before purchasing to find the right unit for your needs.

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