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The Best Baby Onesies Worth Buying in 2023

Baby onesies are a good investment for your baby’s wardrobe. They provide comfort, style, and convenience all in one garment. Whether you are looking for something decorative or purely functional, baby onesies have many features that make them a must-have item in any baby’s wardrobe. 

Read on to discover baby onesies that are worth checking out. From super soft, great-quality onesies to a collection of cute and stylish bodysuits for babies, you will surely find the best clothing for your baby.

10 Top-Rated Baby Onesies from Amazon

Onesies are a popular choice for baby clothes because of their versatility. Here are ten top-rated baby onesies from Amazon that you should definitely consider:

  1. Gerber Baby Boys 6-Pack Long-Sleeve Onesies
  2. Simple Joys by Carter’s Unisex Babies’ Onesies
  3. Leveret Baby Unisex Onesies
  4. Hudson Baby Girls Cotton Onesies
  5. Gerber Baby Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies
  6. Hanes Baby Flexible Onesies
  7. Amazon Essentials Unisex Onesies
  8. Gerber Baby Girls Short Sleeve Onesies
  9. Gerber Baby Boys’ 5-Pack Variety Onesies 
  10. Simple Joys by Carter’s Unisex Babies’ Short-Sleeve Onesies

Now, let us take a closer look at each of these baby onesies so that you can make the best decision for your baby.

1. Gerber Baby Boys 6-Pack Long-Sleeve Onesies

The Gerber Baby Boys 6-pack Long-sleeve Onesies are made from 100% cotton for optimal comfort. Featuring an expandable lap shoulder neckline and high-positioned bottom snaps for easier changes, this set of six bodysuits is designed with convenience in mind.

Perfect for mixing and matching to create a variety of timeless styles, the onesies also feature sturdy seams that help to ensure maximum durability and lasting quality. For added flair, the art is beautifully crafted onto each baby onesie using screenprint and puff print techniques. 

With these long sleeve baby onesies, you will surely be able to dress your little one in fashion-forward style with easy and effortless changes.


  • 100% cotton fabric for baby-soft comfort
  • Expandable lap shoulder neckline to easily slip baby onesie over baby’s head


  • May shrink in the wash if put in the dryer

2. Simple Joys by Carter’s Unisex Babies’ Onesies

Every parent wants the best for their little one and when it comes to comfort, Carter’s has you covered. These unisex babies’ onesies are designed with 100% cotton, snap closures, and machine-washable materials for effortless caring, making them ideal for any occasion.

Coming in 8-pack sets, soft heathers, and solids give a variety of style options, while the lack of tags makes them fuss-free. Intuitively designed by Carter’s extensive experience with young children to provide maximum comfort without compromising quality, Simple Joys Onesies assure parents that their baby is safe, comfy, and stylish all at once.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable


  • A bit see-through

3. Leveret Baby Unisex Onesies

Leveret Baby Unisex Onesies are the perfect choice for your baby boy or baby girl. These 100% cotton onesies are incredibly soft, comfortable, and feature a convenient snap closure for easy changing. 

They also withstand repeated machine washing cycles, making them look new for a long time. With their unbeatable quality and classic design, Leveret Baby Unisex Onesies make an excellent choice that any parent can feel confident about.


  • Snap closure for easy changing
  • Stands up to repeated machine washing cycles


  • Tend to shrink in the wash

4. Hudson Baby Girls Cotton Onesies

Hudson Baby Girls Cotton Onesies provide a soft, gentle, and comfortable solution for your baby girl’s needs. With high-quality materials, these adorable onesies are made with 100% cotton and have a snap closure that ensures they stay in place. This set is an affordable value pack that includes coordinating long-sleeve bodysuits, so you have all your outing needs met.

You’ll love their look and feel and appreciate that you don’t have to sacrifice quality when making a budget-friendly choice. Being machine washable also means convenience for busy moms. The perfect onesies for everyday use, Hudson Baby Girl’s Cotton Onesies will be sure to meet your needs.


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Affordable value pack
  • Machine washable


  • Limited color selection

5. Gerber Baby Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies

Gerber Baby Long-Sleeve Mitten-Cuff Onesies are an excellent product choice for parents who need clothing that is both comfortable and convenient. These versatile bodysuits are made of 100% cotton, making them breathable and soft against babies’ sensitive skin. 

Not only are they high-quality, but they are also incredibly practical—their higher-in-the-front bottom snap closure ensures easy changing without disrupting the baby’s sleep.

Also handy is the mitten cuff, which prevents scratches when the little ones inevitably put their hands in their mouth. In addition to quality, convenience, and comfort, Gerber has included six white onesies per package, a great value for parents whose youngsters can outgrow clothes faster than laundry is done.


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Practical higher-in-the-front bottom snap closure


  • Mitten cuff may come off easily

6. Hanes Baby Flexible Onesies

Every parent wants quality fabric for their baby’s clothing. Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexible Onesies provide the comfort a baby needs, made with 60% cotton, 37% polyester, and 3% spandex for easy stretching and long-lasting softness. 

These newborn onesies feature an expandable shoulder design and reinforced snaps at the legs, making them perfect for quick changes.

The four-way stretch fabric allows babies to move freely while providing a comfortable, snug fit. And best of all, these baby bodysuits from Hanes come in four sizes ranging from 6–24 months, so you can find one that fits your child just right. 

With this quality construction, flexibility, and sizing options, Hanes Baby Flexible Onesies are ideal for all stages of development.


  • Soft fabric
  • Expandable shoulder design


  • Design may be too simple for some parents

7. Amazon Essentials Unisex Onesies

Amazon Essentials Unisex Onesies are the perfect addition to any baby’s wardrobe. Made of 100% cotton, they’re soft and breathable—perfect for playtime or nap time.

With their snap closure, they’re convenient when getting dressed in a hurry. There is no need to worry about washing them, as they are machine washable.

The baby bodysuits feature a cute and comfortable dress style that your baby will look adorable in. Therefore, it is a great investment for parents.


  • Soft and breathable
  • Machine washable


  • Not as durable as other baby onesies on the market

8. Gerber Baby Girls Short Sleeve Onesies

Gerber Baby Girls Short Sleeve Onesies are created using cotton and rayon fabric and designed with a pull on closure for convenience. Your baby girl will be comfortable in these onesies all day long, featuring an expandable lap shoulder neckline for easy fastening.

Plus, the higher-in-the-front bottom snap closure makes diaper changing a breeze.

These bodysuits are also great for streamlining laundry days as they’re made from breathable 100% cotton rib fabric that is machine wash and dry-friendly. With eight pieces included, your baby girl will stay happy, healthy, and stylish throughout her growth stages.


  • Made from lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Pull on closure for convenient fastening


  • Expensive compared to other baby onesies available on the Internet

9. Gerber Baby Boys’ 5-Pack Variety Onesies 

The Gerber Baby Boys’ 5-Pack Variety Onesies are a great wardrobe addition for any baby boy. Crafted from 100% cotton, they’re soft and light on sensitive skin while providing all-day comfort, making them ideal for layering or wearing solo. 

Plus, the expandable lap shoulder necklines and high-positioned bottom snaps make changing time easier.

Additionally, the baby bodysuits come available in a delightful blue and tan color scheme and feature fox-themed art that is sure to make your child look cute and adorable. 

An essential item for every growing wardrobe, these onesies make an excellent baby shower gift, especially when paired with coordinating baby clothing and other accessories.


  • Made from 100% cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Expandable lap shoulder necklines and high-positioned bottom snaps for easier changing


  • May be a bit small on larger babies

10. Simple Joys by Carter’s Unisex Babies’ Short-Sleeve Onesies

Carter’s Unisex Babies’ Short-Sleeve Onesies are made from 100% cotton, machine washable, and durable. Little ones won’t feel tickles or itches, thanks to the softness of the cotton.

Putting them on is as easy as 1,2,3 with snaps along the leg for fuss-free dressing.

You can mix and match outfits within each convenient six-pack, and there are no tags—just Carter’s legendary quality you know and love. Get them exclusively at Amazon!


  • Soft, 100% cotton material
  • Machine washable


  • Might be small on larger babies

How to Choose the Best Onesies for Babies

When it comes to choosing baby onesies for your baby, there are a few things you should consider, including:


When shopping for onesies for your baby, the sizing aspect is something to give special importance to. Onesies that are too large can become uncomfortable and even dangerous for babies, as ill-fitting clothing can put them at risk of getting entangled in the material. 

On the other hand, baby bodysuits that are too small can also create discomfort while being of no use due to not being long or wide enough.

Select a size that fits comfortably without restricting movement and provides enough loose fabric around the legs and arms so your infant can be comfortable at all times.

Doing thorough research on the sizing matters beforehand will help you make an informed decision when purchasing baby bodysuits for your little one.

baby wearing a onesie

Design and Style

When selecting a onesie for your baby, it is important to factor in both style and design, as these aspects contribute to your child’s overall comfort, convenience, and protection. 

A baby bodysuit should have a suitable neckline that is comfortable enough for your little one but also prevents them from pulling on or swallowing small objects they shouldn’t. 

Quality stitching on seams, pockets, design elements, and buttons is also important, as poorly constructed garments can come apart when washed or worn frequently.

A careful selection of fabric type and weight depending on the season is essential to ensure your baby stays cozy without feeling smothered or uncomfortable. Last but not least, don’t forget to consider color choice since onesies come in all kinds of attractive designs. 

It might be tricky narrowing down the options, but with an eye for detail and the proper considerations, you can find the perfect onesie style for your little bundle of joy.

Lastly, you can always opt for personalized onesies to make your little one stand  out from the crowd. Make your baby’s onesie one-of-a-kind by choosing a cute design and having their name printed on it.


When selecting the best onesie for your baby, one of the most important factors to consider is the material. The ideal fabric should be soft and breathable, nothing too rough or scratchy against your little one’s delicate skin. 

Look for a material such as cotton or bamboo for superior comfort and ease of wear; materials like polyester might look great but could make your baby overheat or feel itchy.

If you live in a hot climate, opt for light colors that won’t attract too much heat. Additionally, if you have an infant with particularly sensitive skin, you may want to give organic fibers a try. 

No matter what kind of onesie you end up going with, make sure that the material is something that your little one will love wearing.

baby onesie


When looking for the perfect onesie for your baby, the price is a fundamental factor to consider. The very best onesies will be crafted from quality materials, usually at a more expensive price point, but this typically reflects higher durability and softness against a baby’s delicate skin.

Cheaper alternatives may offer some financial savings, but in the long run, they may prove to be false savings when their lack of quality quickly becomes apparent. 

Striking an appropriate balance between value and price should ensure that you have a onesie that your baby enjoys as well as one that won’t hurt your wallet.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all about baby onesies and the benefits they provide, it’s time to start shopping! Look for baby onesies made from comfortable, breathable fabrics designed with your baby’s needs in mind. 

A baby onesie is an essential item for any baby wardrobe, so make sure you stock up on these must-have garments for your little one.

With so many styles, colors, designs, fabrics, and patterns to choose from, you will surely find the onesie that fits your baby perfectly.

Don’t forget to think about practicality, too. Baby bodysuits with easy-access snaps make for quick and convenient diaper changes.

Whether you’re dressing up a special occasion or just everyday wear at home, baby onesies are a great choice for your baby’s wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should newborns wear onesies?

The traditional onesie has been a go-to piece of baby clothing for generations, and for plenty of good reasons. Its snap closures can make changes quick and easy, even with the squirmiest little one. Plus, since they’re available in sizes ranging from newborn to 24 months or beyond, they last longer than some other traditional infant garments.

For newborns who show signs of temperature sensitivity, such as preemies, long-sleeve baby bodysuits can be a great way to keep them comfortable and warm without bulky layers. Another bonus is that you likely already have some onesies on hand if you’re stocking up for an anticipated arrival. They are very much a reliable standby when it comes to selecting the right attire for your newborn.

At what age do you stop putting babies in onesies?

Generally, once a baby is able to crawl, pull up or walk, usually around 12 months old, onesies can become too constrictive and uncomfortable. At this stage, looser-fitting clothing such as coveralls, T-shirts, and leggings with feet are better options.

Some parents may even choose to transition their baby directly from onesies to two-piece outfits for toddlers as early as 18 months old after considering their individual development level and mobility. Regardless of what type of clothing transition you opt for, it’s important that babies remain comfortable to facilitate playtime and allow them to explore freely.

Why do babies wear onesies instead of shirts?

Onesies are an incredibly convenient choice for dressing a baby because of their one-piece design, allowing them to stay warm and cozy more easily than conventional shirts, which would need separate pants or shorts. Such garments usually feature lap shoulders to allow for easy dressing and snap closures that can help keep the front properly aligned and secure—an important factor considering the amount of time babies spend sitting, crawling, and sleeping.

Because most baby onesies come with expandable bottom hems, they can fit children far longer than regular shirts with fixed lengths. This makes them a popular choice when it comes to shopping for clothing in larger sizes and expecting long-term growth potential. Ultimately, onesies offer parents comfort in knowing that their baby is comfortable, safe, and covered all the way from the neck to the ankles.

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