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Best Art Kits for Kids: 2024 Edition

As a mom who loves art, I’ve found it my sanctuary. When I paint, it feels like all my worries melt away. Through local art classes, I’ve made some wonderful friends who share my passion and support each other in art and life. This creative outlet has been a beautiful way to connect and feel less alone.

Because of this, I love sharing art with my kids. I often buy them art kits for kids, hoping they’ll discover the joy and relaxation art brings me. We spend afternoons painting and crafting together, and it’s heartwarming to see how their creativity blooms. Art has become a special family activity that entertains and strengthens our bond. 

I could involve them in art by buying them the best art kits for kids as a game. Eventually, I also enrolled them in art workshops, and we toured some galleries. The result has been incredible. Watching my kids enthusiastically dive into their art projects fills me with happiness, knowing they are developing a love for something meaningful to me.

If you, my dear mom or dad, also want to encourage your children to follow the path of art, you will like this article. You will also find some of the best art kits for kids. I hope you enjoy it.

Benefits of Art for Kids

As you can see, art isn’t just about making pretty pictures. It’s got loads of benefits for kids. For starters, art kits for kids boost their creativity and imagination, so when your kiddo draws or paints, they start thinking outside the box and come up with new ideas. But that’s not all: art also helps with fine motor skills, which are super important for things like writing, crafting, and tying shoelaces. Using a paintbrush or crayon helps those little muscles in their hands and fingers get stronger.

On the other hand, art can really boost a child’s confidence. When they mess around with colors and shapes and see a world of possibilities come to life, they feel a big sense of pride. Art is also a fantastic way for kids to let out their emotions. Sometimes, talking about feelings is hard for children, but through art, they can share what they’re thinking and feeling in a safe and constructive way.

Lastly, art can also be a great stress buster because it offers a calming activity that helps kids chill out and focus.  It is also a good way to promote mindfulness and help your kiddos relax after a long day.

What to Look for in Art Kits For Kids

When picking art kits for kids, remember a few things. My first advice is to ensure the kit suits their age. Kits for toddlers will have different supplies than those for older kids. Let me give you an example: a toddler might need chunky crayons and washable markers, while older kids will be OK with advanced tools like watercolor paints or oil pastels.

The second advice is to look for a kit with a lot of supplies to keep your child interested. A good art kit might include crayons, markers, paints, brushes, colored pencils, and different paper types. This variety lets kids explore different mediums and techniques, keeping their creativity alive.

The third advice concerns safety, so choose non-toxic materials. Check the labels to ensure the products are free from harmful chemicals. Also, consider how easy the kit is and whether it includes clear instructions. Kits with guides or project ideas can be really helpful for sparking inspiration.

Finally, check the quality and durability of the supplies. High-quality materials give better results and are less likely to break or wear out quickly. Investing in a good art kit means your child will have tools they can use for many future projects.

And now, why don’t we look at some options for your kid?

Top Art Kits for Kids By Age Groups

Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Chalkola 10 Washable Markers 

Screenshot 2024 05 30 174206

I’m a big fan of the Dot Markers Art Kit, which has 10 vibrant dab markers filled with 2 fl oz (60ml) of ink each. They are pretty cool, especially because they never dry out. The kit also includes a bonus 50-page activity book to help kids master ABCs, numbers, and shapes. This isn’t a downloadable book but a physical one that your child can use immediately, making it perfect for kids aged 2 and up.

Eleanore’s Diary Paint

Screenshot 2024 05 30 173647

The second option is the Creative Watercolor Drawing Book, a beautiful art coloring set themed around the animal world. It has 20 animal patterns, and each cardstock has a pattern reference to guide kids through the coloring process. It is designed for children aged 3-12 and encourages kids to enjoy the fun of painting. And believe me, it’s amazing. I bought one for my niece, Lisa, and she loves it. It’s gorgeous.

Crayola, My First Fingerpaint 

Screenshot 2024 05 30 171802

This finger painting set for toddlers includes blue, yellow, and red finger paints and 10 large paper sheets. Crayola’s washable finger paints make cleanup a breeze for Mom and Dad, ensuring the fun doesn’t come with a mess. The paper is specially coated to prevent paint from seeping through, making it perfect for your little artists. It is also safe for children aged one year and up. This set provides a wonderful introduction to art, encouraging exploration and imaginative play.

Preschoolers (Ages 4-6)

Paint Spin Art Machine  

Screenshot 2024 05 30 165956 1

Splatter art is for famous artists like Jackson Pollock, Shozo Shimamoto, AND your kiddo. With this all-inclusive set, there are no rules, just fun! It comes with a paint spinning machine, a splatter guard, four bright paints, three shimmering metallic paints, 20 artboards in various shapes, and two unique white crayons for special effects. And the best part is that you will enjoy it too because it is so relaxing. It’s safe and non-toxic, making it perfect for young artists.

Glow In The Dark Marble Paint for Kids 

Screenshot 2024 05 30 165335

This unique Glow-in-the-Dark Marbling Art kit includes everything your kiddo needs to create stunning, luminous art that glows in the dark. It comes with glow-in-the-dark paints, regular paints, an art tray, carrageenan powder, a spreader, a spoon, styluses, art sheets, a pipette, stirrers, and a flashlight to enhance the glow effect. The kit allows you to explore marbling by dripping, swirling, and transferring your designs to create mesmerizing glowing masterpieces.

Dan and Darci Shell Painting Craft 

Screenshot 2024 05 30 164449


This art kit is perfect for any child who loves art and imaginative play because it allows kids to create unique, stunning designs on real seashells using various materials. The set includes eleven real seashells, six standard paints, two metallic paints, five modeling clays, glitter glue, regular glue, googly eyes, two paint brushes, and an instruction manual, offering a lot of possibilities.

Elementary School Kids (Ages 8-12)

Goodyking Paint Your Own Cat Lamp  

Screenshot 2024 05 30 164144

Paint Your Own Cat Lamp kit is perfect for kids who love crafts and have a vivid imagination. This fun set includes a cat lamp, twelve paint colors, a palette, and two brushes, perfect for kids aged 4-12. Once painted, you can use the cat lamp as a night light or home decoration, adding a personal touch to any room. I bought one for my daughter Sarah, and we both love the result. It is fun for kids and moms.

Crayola Washable Paint Pour Set 

Screenshot 2024 05 30 163334

This Washable Paint Set includes everything needed for a fun and creative experience: ten 2 oz paints in five nontoxic colors, three 6×6 canvases, a paint tray, a beaker, a pouring base, a filter, and three stir sticks. It is designed for kids and adults and is perfect for tiny artists of all skill levels. The washable paints make cleanup easy and hassle-free, so you can focus on creating beautiful art without worrying about the mess.

Mosaic Photo Frame Craft Kit 

Screenshot 2024 05 30 163152

Do you remember those pasta photo frames that we made at school? If so, this set will unlock many memories of your elementary school years. The Mosaic Photo Frame Craft Kit allows kids and teens to create a stunning photo frame using shimmery, colorful mosaic pieces made from mother-of-pearl shells. And the best part is that you can use it as home decor or simply encourage your kiddo to make it as a Mother’s Day or birthday gift.

Supporting Your Kiddo’s Love for Arts: Tips for Parents

Supporting your child’s interest in art can be incredibly easy and rewarding. First, create a dedicated art space at home where your kiddo can draw, paint, or sculpt without worrying about making a mess. This space could be a corner room with a table, easy-to-clean surfaces, or even an outdoor area where they can experiment freely.

Encourage them to try different materials and techniques and praise their efforts, not just the finished product. If you focus on the process and not just the outcome and celebrate their creativity and how they see the world, your child will know that art is more about progress and transmitting feelings than perfection, and that’s OK. This positive reinforcement can boost their confidence and motivation to do what they love.

Set aside regular time for art activities to keep your kiddo’s interest alive. Make art a part of your daily or weekly routine at a special time they look forward to. Join in the fun and make it a family activity. Creating together can be a wonderful bonding experience and a great way to spend quality time.

Lastly, teach them how to store art supplies properly to keep them in good condition and easily accessible. Use bins, shelves, or drawers to organize materials and label them if possible. This hack keeps your space tidy and teaches your child about organization and responsibility.  Most importantly, it allows you to participate in the process and stretch bondings.


Choosing the fitting art kits for kids can open up a world of creativity and fun. Art offers numerous developmental benefits and is a fantastic way for kids to express themselves. We hope this guide finds the perfect art kit to inspire your little artist. Happy creating!

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