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20 Adorable Baby Shower Themes To Celebrate Your Little Bundle of Joy

Expectant parents dream of the perfect day to celebrate their newest addition, and with the rising trend of creative baby shower themes taking over social media, it’s time to get inspired! 

From woodland critter-themed decorations to glamorous pastel palettes, we’ve compiled an amazing list of 20 adorable baby shower themes that will help make this special occasion a memory your guests won’t soon forget.

As parents-to-be, you want to choose a cute baby shower theme or a timeless baby shower theme to make the day extra special.

Ready for a cuteness overload? Let’s jump into some great baby shower theme ideas!

The Best Unique Baby Shower Themes For Your Adorable Little One

1. Woodland Critters

If ever there was a theme to make you go “aww,” it’s the woodland critter baby shower!

Picture it: baby blue and pink walls adorned with cuddly woodland creatures. Plush toys of foxes, bears, deer, and bunnies adorn each corner of the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for welcoming your newest family member.

A modern take on a classic theme, a woodland baby shower features furry woodland creatures. Use decorations like stuffed animals and wall art to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrating your little bundle of joy.

You can also add a few extra touches, such as personalized baby shower favors, like mini animal figurines or plush toy keychains, to send your guests home with a special reminder of the day.

This is one of the best classic baby shower themes that will surely impress and is perfect for parents looking for unique baby shower themes to welcome their little baby.

2. Ballerina Dreams

A ballerina dreams theme for a baby shower is an enchanting way to celebrate a new baby! With a dancer’s waltz of pastel colors, playful music, and fluffy pink tutus, you can create a magical day filled with elegance.

Add twinkle lights and soft balloon arches, fluffy confetti, and delicately crafted cakes — each element carefully chosen to make the day extra special. There’s no better way to mark the start of the little one’s journey into this world than by showering them with love in an ethereal wonderland!

For added fun, you can even put together personalized tutus or fancy dresses for the baby shower guests to wear as they join in the celebration. As one of the best baby shower themes for girls, this popular baby shower theme will surely leave your guests oohing and ahhing.

3. Garden Tea Party

Garden Tea Party

Welcome your newest bundle of joy into the world with a garden-themed tea party baby shower! Decorate your guests’ tables with beautiful spring flowers and bright balloons while they enjoy a selection of tea sandwiches and lemonade.

Guests can take home a small memento from the day, such as personalized flower seeds or miniature birdhouses.

Finally, prepare a few activities to help you and your guests commemorate the special arrival. Invite your friends to don their most striking garden hats or dress up like their favorite garden creature and snap a few photos!

If you are leaning towards a garden-themed baby shower, why not set up a photo booth for your friends and family to capture the special moments?

Decorate the area with fabulous floral arrangements and balloons, and be sure to include some props like oversized sunglasses or garden gloves or set up a neutral photo backdrop.

4. Safari Adventure

Show off your wild side with decorations featuring animals, plants, and natural elements with a safari baby shower. This is one is a popular theme for gender neutral baby showers!

Invite guests to dress up in safari outfits, complete with binoculars and hats. Serve delicious and creative finger foods inspired by the theme, like finger sandwiches cut into animal shapes, skewers of exotic fruits, or gazelle-shaped chocolates.

Add some adventure to the party games and activities as well, such as “Stalk the Giraffe” or “Name that Animal” — who knows what exciting surprises may be revealed!

5. Circus Extravaganza

Get ready to have your spirits lifted as you celebrate the arrival of the little one with all the fanfare and excitement that comes with a circus.

Your guests will be enthralled by the elephant and lion decorations, never-ending popcorn for the snacks, mesmerizing carousel music spinning through the room, and plenty of colors throughout.

Don’t forget to prepare a few activities for your guests — such as a balloon-popping game or an animal mask station — so you can create lasting memories of this momentous occasion.

6. Pastel Paradise

Pastel baby shower

Hosting a baby shower has never been easier! With the pastel paradise theme, you can throw the most fun and darling baby shower ever.

You can decorate the room with a pastel color scheme, or simple floral arrangements. Decorate the cake with soft-hued cake toppers.

Get your guests excited once they see your thoughtfully decorated room and all of the adorable photo props and accessories you will have ready.

You can also make it more interesting by having guests play a few fun games, like a “Guess the Baby’s Name” or “Diaper Relay Race.” As an added bonus, you can also give out prizes for the winners in pastel-hued bags or boxes to make their experience even more memorable!

7. Rainbow Wonder

Rainbows make a fun baby shower theme and it’s surely going to be a colorful affair!

Show up in a custom tie-dye T-shirt and parade around with a vibrant, rainbow ribbon wand. Since colors have special meanings, use this opportunity to have each guest add an item to the nursery in their favorite color.

Whether it’s blue for a baby boy or pink for a girl, there’s surely something that celebrates their unique beauty. Make it even more special by having guests write helpful notes on miniature baby onesies — these will make precious gifts when the cuddly cutie arrives!

8. Under the Sea

Make your baby shower one-of-a-kind with an Under the Sea theme!

Create a magical atmosphere with shimmering decorations, various shades of blue, and plenty of sea life-inspired foods. You can have an ocean or nautical-inspired dessert table to complete the look!

Have your guests dress up in mermaids or sailors’ costumes and take an under-the-sea adventure as they explore the party.

This theme is also one of the best gender neutral baby shower ideas that’s easy to pull off!

9. Rustic Chic

A Rustic Chic baby shower is the perfect option for those looking for something more laid-back! Keep things simple yet stylish with twinkling lights and soft florals. It’s also a great way to show off your DIY skills — try making unique decorations with lace doilies, mason jars, and burlap.

You can take it up a notch by giving your guests a chance to personalize their own rustic signs or photo frames that they can take home with them!

You can also add some warmth to the event by playing classic party games, like “Guess Who” and “Pin the Pacifier on the Baby”.

At the end of the day, everyone will be sure to feel special and warm-hearted after a great time at your Rustic Chic baby shower.

10. Winter Wonderland

For a truly unforgettable baby shower, why not host a Winter Wonderland-themed event? It’s the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a little bundle of joy during the colder months!

Start by decorating your venue with glistening snowflakes and twinkling lights. You can also add some festive touches, like a hot cocoa station and have your guests dress up in their favorite winter outfits — they can even dress as snowmen, Santa Claus, or reindeer!

Host games like “Name the Reindeer” or “Pin the Nose on the Snowman” and give winter-themed goodies or other baby shower favors to the winners.

With the Winter Wonderland theme, you can still have a fabulous baby shower even in the colder season!

11. Teddy Bear Picnic

A Teddy Bear Picnic baby shower is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a little one! Decorate your venue with bear-themed items such as giant teddy bears and colorful balloons. Have your guests dress up in fun animal costumes or bring their own cuddly toys.

You can also have some games and activities like a teddy bear treasure hunt or build-a-bear stations. Give out prizes to the winners in cute little gift bags.

At the end of the day, your guests will definitely have had a great time at your Teddy Bear Picnic baby shower! Plus, they’ll also get to take home some fond memories and keepsakes of the special occasion.

12. Superhero Themed Baby Shower

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower theme, then how about hosting a Superhero-themed baby shower for your baby-to-be?

Decorate your venue with bright colors and awesome superhero ornaments to make it feel like a comic book come to life.

Ask your guests to come dressed in their favorite superhero costumes or create their own masks. To add to the atmosphere, play superhero music and serve fun, themed food like mini sandwiches, popcorn, cake pops, and cupcakes.

To make the party extra special, give out superhero-themed favors like custom-made masks, action figures, or comic books.

For a really cool touch, consider creating a backdrop of your favorite superhero logo or drawing a comic strip of your baby’s journey to life. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

13. Fairytale Baby Shower

Make your baby shower magical with a fairytale-themed party! Decorate the venue with twinkling lights, fairy wings, and sparkles to give it an enchanted look.

Serve cupcakes topped with edible glitter and other delectable desserts.

Organize interesting activities like creating personalized crowns or wands for all the guests to take home.

You can even set up a fun photo booth with dreamy props and ask your guests to dress up as their favorite fairytale characters.

You can give out souvenirs like tiny bottles filled with candy, or small boxes containing hand-painted wooden tokens.

Have a storyteller narrate stories and make the moment even more special! Give your guests something to take home that will remind them of this delightful fairytale day.

14. Candy Land Baby Shower

Candy land baby shower

For a sweet and playful baby shower, why not host a Candy Land-themed party?

Decorate the venue with lollipops, candy canes, cupcakes, and other colorful sweets. Put up bright pink and purple balloons to give it an extra merry look.

For added fun, you can organize a game where guests try to match candy names with their flavors or play Candy Land-themed trivia. And, of course, have plenty of candy available for everyone to enjoy.

You can give out adorable themed favors like mini jars of honey or colorful candies to your guests at the end of the baby shower. These sweet treats will be a great reminder of your festive baby shower!

15. Beach Baby Shower

Bring the sand and surf to your baby shower with a beach-themed event! Use seashells, starfish, and other beach-inspired items to decorate the venue.

For food, you can serve delicious treats like mini sandwiches, tropical fruit kabobs, and popsicles.

Set up a fun photo booth where guests can dress up in their favorite beach attire or take silly pictures with beach-themed props. You can hand out beach-themed favors like flip-flops, sunglasses, and a beach towel. Guests will have so much fun at this beach baby shower!

Make sure you capture all the memories in photos or even a short video.

16. Disney Baby Shower

Celebrate your little one with a magical Disney baby shower! Set up the venue in classic Disney colors like red, yellow, and blue. Fill the room with balloons and streamers for an extra festive touch.

Serve fun treats shaped like Mickey Mouse ears or other Disney characters like Elsa and Snow White. For activities, you can set up a fun Disney-themed guessing game or quiz.

You can also have guests write down their Disney-inspired wishes for your baby and put them in a special box. As a memento, hand out classic Disney movie plush toys or colorful lollipops as party favors.

Guests, young and old, will have an amazing time at this magical Disney baby shower!

17. “Bee”autiful and Buzz-worthy Bee Themed Baby Shower

bee cakes

Turn mom-to-be into a queen bee and create a buzz with a bee-themed baby shower that’s as sweet as honey!

Use yellow, black, and white as your color scheme, decorate with honeycomb patterns, and serve honey-infused treats like honey lemonade and honey cupcakes.

You can also give away honeycomb-shaped or bee mementos or simply a small jar of honey as party favors.

Guests will “bee” delighted with this adorable baby shower idea!

18. Outer Space Baby Shower

Welcome a new little astronaut into the world with an outer space-themed baby shower! Set up a table full of alien decorations, from Martian mugs and starry garlands to rocket centerpieces. Serve intergalactic snacks like moon pies and “alien eyeballs” (peeled grapes) for guests to munch on.

Play fun space games, like a stargazing quiz or a rocket-building contest. And don’t forget to bring out the camera for some interstellar selfies with props like silver and gold metallic hats and astronaut suits!

Finish off the party by sending guests home with extraterrestrial favors, such as personalized alien heads or DIY alien-themed soap bars. With these out-of-this-world decorations and activities, your outer space baby shower will surely be a hit!

19. Flower Power Baby Shower

If you want a sweet and sunny baby shower to welcome your new little bundle of joy, then a flower power theme is just what you need!

Fill the room with fresh florals and fresh herbs, like a stunning flower wall or a wooden basketo of herbs for the center table. You can also set up DIY flower crowns for guests to wear and have them decorate mini pots with metallic glitter for a fun activity.

Serve light snacks and drinks with fruits, herbs, and edible flowers for a fresh and lively feel. Have fun with the baby shower games too! Incorporate flowery elements on the game boards or create scavenger hunts for them to search for different kinds of flowers outdoors.

At the end of it all, give away sweet party favors such as flower-shaped candles, bath bombs, and seed packets for your guests to take home. Whether you’re expecting a little girl or a little boy, this flower power baby shower will be sure to make the day extra special!

The Spoiled Mama

20. Magical Unicorn Baby Shower

Bring the magic of a unicorn to your baby shower with this charming theme! Start by bringing in a white and pastel color scheme, complete with paper decorations in stars and clouds. Hang streamers from the ceiling or twinkling stars around the room for extra pizzazz.

Set up a photo booth area with a unicorn backdrop and props like rainbow wands, golden horns, and colorful tutus. You can also display a large poster of a watercolor unicorn to give the space an extra whimsical touch.

For food, serve up treats like cupcakes frosted with swirls of white icing and topped off with candy stars or rainbow-colored mini donuts. Create a game in the shape of a unicorn head with questions on each triangle piece and have guests take turns answering them.

When it’s time for party favors, give away bags filled with mini unicorns and other magical trinkets like stickers, glitter pens, and rainbow erasers. A magical unicorn baby shower will surely make the day extra special!

Bottom Line

Planning a baby shower can be so much fun! But with all of the decisions that need to be made, it can also feel overwhelming.

We hope this list of 20 adorable baby shower themes has given you some inspiration and helped to make your decision-making process a little bit easier.

And remember, no matter what theme you choose, the most important thing is celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of your bundle of joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do baby showers need a theme?

No, baby shower themes are not required. Ultimately, it is up to the expecting parents if they want to host a baby shower with themes and games or not.

What activities should I plan for my baby shower?

It depends on the theme you choose! Ideas for activities might include playing fun games like a stargazing quiz or a rocket-building contest for an outer space-themed baby shower, or a flower crown-making session for a flower power theme.

What is trending for a baby shower?

Tropical themes are currently trending for baby showers. Think bright colors, palm leaves, and fruit-themed decorations! However, baby shower themes can be anything that you want them to be—so don’t feel like you have to follow the trends.

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