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8 Halloween Activities for Kids That Are Easy And Fun

Hey there, fantastic parents and guardians! Halloween is coming in a few days when the air gets crisp, and excitement fills the home. Remember the thrill of planning your costume as a kid? Well, your little ones are feeling that same exhilaration right now. But Halloween can be so much more than just a parade of costumes and candy; it can be a full-day event filled with activities that enrich the mind, stir the imagination, and warm the heart. So let’s dive into a treasure trove of Halloween activities for kids that are more treat than trick.

The Importance of Planning Halloween Activities For Kids

Hold on a second; you might think, “Why do we need to plan activities? Isn’t trick-or-treating enough?” Well, in a nutshell—no. Proper planning means a seamless, stress-free day where fun is the only thing on the agenda. Halloween activities for kids are an opportunity to bond with your family, unleash creativity, and, yes, keep everyone safer amid all the excitement. You know those moments that end up in family photo albums? Yep, those are usually planned.

Creative Crafts

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Let’s take a little break from the sugar rush, shall we? Crafting is the soul of every memorable holiday, and Halloween is no exception. Whether your little ones are aspiring artists or love to get their hands messy, these creative crafts are designed to engage their imagination while adding some handmade flair to your Halloween celebrations. From customizable masks to gooey slime, roll up those sleeves and dive into a world of color, texture, and endless fun.

DIY Halloween Masks

Kids love to immerse themselves in the imaginative world of play, and crafting DIY Halloween masks gives them the keys to that kingdom. Not only is it a great way to channel their creativity, but it’s also an incredible self-esteem booster when they parade around in a mask of their own making and one of our favorite and fun Halloween party games.

How to:

  • Cut colored paper into shapes—ghosts, ghouls, and everything in between.

  • Attach strings or elastic bands.

  • Let the decorating begin! Feathers, sequins, the sky’s the limit.

Spooky Slime

Slime is the perfect blend of science and sensory fun. The little ones can squish it, stretch it, and roll it into spooky shapes. Plus, it’s a great lesson in following instructions and learning about chemical reactions—under your watchful eyes, of course.


  • Non-toxic glue

  • Food coloring

  • Contact lens solution

  • Baking soda


  • Mix glue and food coloring.

  • Add baking soda and mix well.

  • Add contact lens solution and stir until slime forms.

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Fun & Games

Alright, crafts are done, and the anticipation is rising—it’s time for games that’ll get everyone giggling and maybe even a little spooked! Our selection of fun and games keeps the Halloween spirit high while ensuring that nobody turns into a couch potato. From pumpkin bowling to ghost hunts, these Halloween games are the secret sauce for a bursting of laughter and excitement.

Pumpkin Bowling

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Who needs a bowling alley when you’ve got a hallway and some mini-pumpkins? This game will keep the kids entertained and maybe even get them interested in physics—how hard do you need to roll a pumpkin to knock down all the pins?

Ghost Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a childhood staple, but have you ever done one Halloween-style? Ghost Hunt takes the traditional game and adds a spectral twist, making it a memorable part of your Halloween activities for kids.

Educational Activities

Who said learning has to be a chore? This Halloween, let’s sneak in a dash of education that your kids won’t even notice. Through activities that challenge their minds while capturing their hearts, you’ll marvel at how easily you can make Halloween an enriching experience. From math-packed scavenger hunts to spine-chilling story writing, these educational endeavors will captivate your kids’ attention while reinforcing valuable skills.

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Halloween-themed scavenger hunt

Ever thought of disguising learning as fun? A Halloween-themed scavenger hunt can make learning about math and language a blast. Think about it: they won’t even realize they’re learning as they decode riddles to find the next clue.

Spooky Story Writing

Halloween activities for kids

As adults, we often forget the wild imagination we had as kids. Why not harness that untamed creativity this Halloween? Please encourage your child to write a spooky story; it will not only sharpen their writing skills but also provide a fun way to wind down after a day full of activities.

Food & Snacks

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Ah, the crowning glory of any holiday—food! But we’re not just discussing the sugary kind that comes in wrappers. We’re aiming for treats that are both tasty and somewhat nutritious (Hey, it’s a win-win!). Our food and snack ideas will not only satiate those little tummies but also offer a joyful cooking experience you can share as a family. From “Boo-nana” pops to Witch’s Brew, get ready to serve up some homemade deliciousness that even picky eaters won’t be able to resist.

“Boo-nana” Pops

Why should candy have all the fun? Treats like “Boo-nana” pops are not just delicious; they’re a fantastic way to get some nutrition. Plus, making them is half the fun. The kids will love dipping bananas into yogurt and making funny faces with chocolate chips. It’s the perfect snack for a night of scary stories. The best part is that they are tastier than most candy corn.

Witch’s Brew

Making Witch’s Brew may become your child’s favorite Halloween tradition. It’s not only a tasty treat but also a mini science experiment when they see the sherbet dissolve into a frothy, delicious brew. And you can use Halloween candy in the preparation.

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Safety Tips

Let’s be honest: Halloween is fantastic, but like any other day, it comes with challenges and hazards. It’s our job to ensure the kids have a blast without compromising on safety. Always keep a close eye, especially during craft time when scissors or hot glue guns are involved, and double-check snack ingredients for any potential allergies.

And let’s not forget about the excitement of the night itself—trick-or-treating. Before heading out, make sure the kids’ costumes are both visible and trip-proof. Adding reflective tape or glow sticks can go a long way in making sure drivers see them.

Moreover, review the basics of road safety with them: look both ways before crossing the street, stay on sidewalks, and, of course, never enter a stranger’s home. It’s these small yet crucial details that ensure the day remains a treat without any tricks spoiling the fun.


So, are you ready to take Halloween activities for kids to the next level this year? These activities aren’t just about keeping the kids busy; they’re about making meaningful memories. And when your children look back on their childhood Halloweens, they won’t just remember the candy. They’ll remember the laughter, the creativity, the kids making some Halloween crafts, and the sense of wonder that made the holiday magical.

Your Turn!

I can’t wait to hear about your Halloween adventures. Got a killer game or craft that your kids loved? Please share it with us! The more, the merrier, as we all strive to make Halloween as fun and meaningful as possible for our little ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can these Halloween activities be adapted for toddlers?

Absolutely! These activities, like crafting and simple games, can be easily adapted to suit younger participants. Supervise closely, especially during craft time and snack making, to ensure everything stays safe and fun.

2. How can I make these activities educational without making them seem like lessons?

Great question! The key is to weave learning elements naturally into the activities. For instance, while doing the Halloween-themed scavenger hunt, you can include clues that require basic math skills or word recognition to solve.

3. What precautions should I take when preparing Halloween snacks for a group of kids?

Always ask parents about food allergies or intolerances beforehand. This way, you can avoid allergens entirely or provide alternative snacks for kids with dietary restrictions.

4. How can I make these activities COVID-19 safe?

To keep activities safer in a pandemic setting, consider hosting events outdoors where possible. Also, keep hand sanitizers readily available and ensure each child has their materials and snacks to minimize sharing.

5. Do I need to spend a lot to make these Halloween activities fun?

Not at all! Most of these activities can be done with household items or quick trips to the dollar store. The focus is on creativity and engagement, not extravagance.

6. My child isn’t interested in traditional Halloween themes; any suggestions?

Of course! The beauty of these activities is that they’re highly adaptable. If ghosts and ghouls aren’t their thing, consider substituting them with themes they enjoy, like superheroes or animals.

7. How can I include my child in the planning of these activities?

Involving your child in the planning process can be as simple as asking them what crafts or games they’d like to try. Not only does this give them something to look forward to, but it also makes them feel valued and heard, which is a great self-esteem booster.

8. What if we don’t celebrate Halloween but want to participate in fall-themed activities?

No worries! Many of these activities can be easily adapted for a non-Halloween, fall-themed celebration. For example, instead of making Halloween masks, you could focus on crafting autumn leaves or pumpkins.

9. How can I make these activities more environmentally friendly?

Great thinking! Opt for biodegradable or reusable materials whenever possible. For instance, use cloth bags instead of plastic ones for scavenger hunts, and try to source eco-friendly, non-toxic craft supplies.

10. Can these activities be adapted for indoor or bad-weather scenarios?

Absolutely! Most of these activities are versatile enough to be moved indoors. For example, pumpkin bowling can be set up in a hallway, and the Halloween-themed scavenger hunt can easily transition to an inside-the-house adventure.

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